Evan Kasian

1820 E Ray Rd Ste A205
Chandler, AZ 85225

Meet Evan

Farm Bureau Agent for 13 years

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we're here to help you protect what matters most in life. From insurance for your autos, home, life, business and farm or ranch, to a comprehensive financial plan to help you achieve your goals for the future, my team and I can help customize your coverage to fit your specific needs. I'm Evan Kasian from Chandler, AZ, and I look forward to working with you. It's your future. Let's protect it.®

For your insurance, investment, or wealth management needs, call (480) 284-4223 option 4.

More about Evan

What Clients are Saying

Lower rates and very professional. Great service
- Boss Hauling, customer since 2022
Had a genuine concern for our specific needs. We were treated like family not just another customer. Very professional and made sure we were satisfied.
- Customer May 2022
Everyone at Evan’s office is very eager to help every time I call, especially Evan… I always feel like he puts my needs first.
- Michele D., customer since 2013
I absolutely love all of the service that was provided to us by Evan Kasian over the past few years; he’s always had our backs and never left us with a doubt. Great service from him!
- Jose C., customer since 2007
Great dependable customer service and excellent communications. I have never been disappointed.
- Customer since 2011
Everyone is kind and professional. Easy to get a hold of. Evan is always very pleasant to talk to and very helpful.
- Marie R., customer since 2017
Friendly, personal service
- G E., customer since 2006
You are always there for me, when I have questions. Service is great.
- Wanda V., customer since 2016
Evan is always available to answer questions and responds back so quickly! And everything is explained very clearly!
- Customer since 2016
I’m very simple. All I ask is for my agents to be available when I need them. So far they have been perfect
- Richard G., customer since 2015
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Evan Kasian
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