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3 Generations of Farmers

Smarter Insurance for Agriculture®

For over 80 years we've worked shoulder-to-shoulder with farmers, ranchers and commercial ag operations, serving the unique needs of the agriculture industry. As the #1 ag insurer for the last 25 years1, we can develop a plan specific to you, no matter the size of your farm or ranch. With something this important, you don’t want to let an app choose the best insurance for your operation. Our agents understand your farm or ranch in ways an algorithm simply can’t.

When you work with us, we’ll spend time learning about your operations and the unique risks you face. Together, we’ll tailor your coverage to fit your needs today, and we’ll conduct an on-site SuperCheck® to ensure you remain covered as your operation changes.

Our People Make the Difference

Farm Bureau AgWise Certified® insurance agents are local agents specially trained to understand your agricultural insurance needs and provide the right recommendations for your needs.

Additionally, Farm Bureau is the only company that has a team of dedicated Ag Underwriters (AU) that spend time on your farm or ranch specifically, so they can understand your operation. They work with your local agent to bring an added layer of knowledge to your account. Together, they will provide a SuperCheck and ensure you have the right amount of coverage for your operation.

Farm and Ranch Coverage

Farm/ranch personal property insurance helps protect you financially if items used for your agricultural operation, such as tractors, combines, tools, grain, feed, and supplies are damaged. It’s designed to cover all your farm/ranch personal property.

Replacement Cost Coverage for Farm Machinery

When you add Replacement Cost coverage for farm machinery, if your machinery is damaged beyond reasonable repair due to fire, collision or other covered occurrence, we’ll help pay to replace it. And what sets us apart is that we offer you coverage for machinery up to eight years old2. This includes equipment like combines, planters, tractors, sprayers, skid loaders, cotton pickers, backhoes, balers and more.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Farm and ranch work can be dangerous for both you as an owner/operator and your employees – whether they’re your siblings, kids or individuals outside the family. Workers Compensation coverage can protect you from the medical expenses that can be incurred if someone working on your farm or ranch is injured. It can also help ensure that you'll be able to continue operations if an employee is injured.

Crop and Livestock Insurance

We can’t protect your crops and livestock from the sometimes harsh hands of Mother Nature, but we can help you protect your operation from the impact of those events. Our certified crop and livestock agents can help you get the coverage you need to manage your operation’s specific risks. Through our relationship with Rain and Hail, we can offer a full suite of crop insurance products including, federal crop insurance, crop hail, livestock and specialty crop lines.    

Succession Strategies

Whether you’re a current or future owner, starting the conversation about transitioning your family farm or ranch is the first step in getting your operation ready for the next generation.  We can talk with you about succession strategies and planning tools that can be customized to meet your needs.

On-site SuperCheck

Before writing your first quote, and on every policy anniversary thereafter, your agent and Ag Underwriter will conduct a thorough analysis of your farm or ranch operation. The SuperCheck will assess the value of buildings and other property, livestock, and machinery. You can rest assured that you have the coverage you need but aren’t paying for coverage that doesn’t apply to your farm or ranch.

No matter if your farm or ranch is family land handed down through the generations, a large corporate operation, a small organic farm, or something in-between, we have the right coverage options to protect what you are working for.  






1 No. 1 ag insurer across our territory; 1996-2021 SNL P&C Group – Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company and Western Agricultural Insurance Company direct written premium.
2 Based on a comparison of model year coverage with leading insurance competitors. Individual eligibility for all product promotions is subject to underwriting review and approval.

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