Employee Benefits

The benefits you supply your employees are your competitive advantage, and something potential employees review carefully when deciding between job offers. Don’t lose out on top talent by not offering key benefits. Help them plan for their future with the right insurance and retirement options.

Qualified IRA Plan

A qualified IRA can provide you and your employees the opportunity to invest in retirement using pre-tax wages and income. In addition, earnings on the investment grow tax-deferred. When you or your employees begin receiving proceeds on the investment, you’ll be required to pay tax on the money you’ve earned.

Non-Qualified Retirement Plan

Funded using after-tax wages and income, non-qualified retirement plans can be a valuable retirement savings option for employees who want to pay tax on their investments now rather than later. In many cases, earnings on the investment grow tax-deferred, and when you or your employees begin receiving proceeds on the investment, you or your employees will not be required to pay tax on the original investment.

Protect Their Health, Too

Healthy employees are good for business. You can protect the health of the people working for you with employee health insurance coverage. Your Farm Bureau agent can help you learn more about employee health insurance options in your state.

Your business is our business. We work hard to help your business succeed – talk to your local Farm Bureau agent about protecting your business with BusinessMax® Coverage, Workers Compensation and more. We have all the protection you need in one convenient place.

It’s your future. Let’s protect it.®

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