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Employee Benefits: Helping You Retain Your Best


  • Their Retirement is Your Business

    Your employees depend on your business for their retirement. Offering a retirement funding option is a perk that can help keep loyal employees and encourage them to prepare for life after their working years. Plus, it’s an investment you can benefit from, too.

  • It’s Tax-Deductible

    Farm Bureau offers several types of retirement plans you can establish for your employees, and your contributions to any of them are tax-deductible – typically for both you and your employees.

  • Protect Their Health, Too

    Healthy employees are good for business. You can protect the health of the people working for you with employee health insurance coverage. Your Farm Bureau agent can help you learn more about employee health insurance options in your state.


There are two types of retirement plans – qualified and non-qualified:

  • A Qualified IRA Plan

    Provides you and your employees the opportunity to invest in retirement using pre-tax wages and income. In addition, earnings on the investment grow tax-deferred. When you or your employees begin receiving proceeds on the investment, you or your employees will be required to pay tax on the money you receive.

  • A Non-Qualified Retirement Plan

    Funded using after-tax wages and income. In many cases, earnings on the investment grow tax-deferred, and when you or your employees begin receiving proceeds on the investment, you or your employees will not be required to pay tax on the original investment.

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