Home-based Business Insurance

If you run a business out of your home, you have unique needs that home-based business insurance can address. It can be difficult to know where your homeowner’s policy ends and where you need business insurance to pick up. Whether you store inventory in your home, drive your personal auto for business, or have leased property that you need to insure, you have special considerations to think about when insuring your home-based business. Your agent can help navigate the distinctions between coverage options, discuss liability concerns and help you verify that you have the right level of small business insurance.

Business Liability Coverage

Business liability claims can be unpredictable and potentially devastating to your business. Our liability coverage can protect your business from medical costs, bodily injury and property damage for which you are legally liable. This important coverage can also help with legal defense costs in the event of a lawsuit against you.

Business Property Coverage

Business property coverage is crucial if you have customers visiting your home. Business property insurance offers financial protection for your buildings, business personal property, loss of business income and other exposures.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Coverage

If you drive your personal vehicle for business use, this benefit adds an extra layer of protection to your auto policy. This coverage extends some automobile liability coverage for autos not owned or leased by your business but used for business purposes.

Your business is our business – your local Farm Bureau agent can look at the unique needs of your business and recommend custom coverage to help ensure you are protected, no matter where the business is located.

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