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Income Guard Term Life™ Insurance

When it comes to protecting your family, finding the right solutions to prepare for the unexpected is an important step. Term life insurance is simple. It provides coverage for a specific period. Income Guard Term Life makes it even easier to ensure your loved ones will have steady financial resources to maintain their current lifestyle if you passed away suddenly.

While many term policies offer a lump sum payout, Income Guard takes a different approach. It allows your loved ones to stay on their feet with set monthly benefit payments – like a paycheck – for many years. By receiving steady payments, their regular expenses like housing, car payments, childcare and more can be covered.

Why Choose Income Guard Term Life?

Income Guard provides financial certainty to your loved ones:

  • A steady tax-free, monthly benefit payment for a set number of years
  • Time to grieve without additional financial worries
  • A $20,000 lump sum payment to cover funeral expenses

Your family’s financial future is worth protecting. Income Guard Term Life helps keep things steady.


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