15 Places Cold or Flu Germs May Be Hiding

The dreaded cold and flu season is here, and you know what that means - germs! With over 60 million days of school and 50 million days of work lost annually due to the everyday cold or flu, understanding where these germs are hiding is crucial. Many of us attempt to do our best to sanitize around our home or office, but there may be items that you could be missing. Discover which items are spreading cold or flu germs the fastest and get back to enjoying good “clean” fun.

1. Kitchen Appliances

Are you aware that the kitchen sink holds more germs than our bathrooms sinks? As one of the most used places in our home, it comes as no surprise that our kitchen is hoarding a wide variety of germs. In addition to the kitchen sink, the average refrigerator seal tests positive 83% of the time for the common cold. Whether it is the kitchen sink, stove, microwave, or fridge, they all contain of cold and flu germs that can be prevented through proper sanitization.

2. Exercise Equipment

Whether it is your personal exercise equipment or the gym you frequent each week, cold and flu germs are everywhere. Avoid not only spreading but contracting these germs by properly sanitizing the equipment before and after you are done using them.

Exercise Equipment

3. Car Interior

Each day without thinking twice about it we get in and out of our car to go about our everyday routine. Whether that is picking up your kids from school, or going to and from work, the array of germs you and your loved ones are spreading on your door handle and inside interior is astounding. On average, the interior of our cars holds about 700 bacteria per square inch. Don’t wait, wipe down your car today!

Car Interior

4. ATM Keypads

One place most of us don’t think about that contains a nest of germs is the ATM keypad. With 41% of ATM buttons containing enough germs to spread illness, stop the germs in their tracks by carrying hand sanitizer with you to use before and after using an ATM.

ATM Keypads

5. TV Remote

Nothing beats coming home, laying down on the couch and flipping on your favorite movie or TV show. But what if you knew that an array of germs were all over the remote? Each of our remotes hold approximately 70 bacteria per square inch. Stop germs in their tracks by wiping down your remote controls regularly!

TV Remote

6. Condiments

How often do you or your loved ones reach for your favorite condiment during lunch or dinner each week? Or how about the communal condiments in the fridge at work? Avoid the spread of cold and flu germs by wiping down your favorite condiments and washing your hands before touching your food.

7. School Supplies

For many parents or teachers, school supplies such as pencils/pens, notebooks, backpacks and more could be collecting germs that lead to coughing, sneezing, and even the flu. Help prevent germs from spreading to you, your kids, and their school mates by cleaning them today!

School Supplies

8. Cell Phones

Today, cell phones are a necessity to our everyday lives. When we aren’t shooting a text or making a call, spending time on the array of apps is a common pastime for a lot of us. Given how much time we spend touching our phone, it comes as no surprise that cold and flu germs would be all over it. The average cellphone holds approximately ten times more bacteria than your toilet seat.

Cell Phone

9. Coffee Station/Watercooler

The one place in the office or home that we routinely visit each day is the coffee/water station to get our day going or to help us get through that 3:00 slump. In addition to giving us energy and hydration, we could also be picking up nasty germs. Make sure to wash your hands consistently throughout the day and wipe down these items.

10. Handheld Electronics

Whether it is at school, work, or on our comfy couch at home, handheld electronics are used quite a bit throughout our day. While giving us that much-needed convenience these handheld electronics are also saturated in germs.

11. Toothbrush Holder

Did you know your toothbrush holder could be the 3rd germiest item in your home? Many of us use this item on a daily basis without thinking to wipe it down regularly. Prevent the spreading of germs by washing your toothbrush holder on a regular basis.

12. Work

Did you know that the average work keyboard holds approximately 3,295 germs per square inch? Gross! For five days out of each week our keyboard, phone, and desk become our most consistently touched and germ-friendly items. Avoid the spread of cold and flu germs by sanitizing often.


13. Light Switches

One of the most easily forgotten items in our home or workplace that contain and spread the most germs is the light switch. With up to 217 bacteria per square inch, wiping down these germ spreaders is important for everyone's health.

14. Bed Sheets and Towels

When we are sick one of the most appealing places is our cozy bed or the comfort of a nice long shower. However, the comfiest place on earth and our favorite soft towels could be breeding the most germs. This cold and flu season make an effort to clean your towels and sheets at least once a week in hot water.


15. Hairbrush and Combs

How often do you wake up and comb or brush your hair without thinking too much about it? We all do! Many of us go about our morning or evening routine (even when we are sick) and don’t think twice about the germs that could be on our everyday items. With 72% of people never washing their comb or brush, germs, dust, old hair and more continue to live on and lead to scalp infections or dandruff. Don’t let this happen to you, clean your comb or brush today!

Tackle Cold and Flu Season Like a Pro

Don’t let cold and flu season defer you from enjoying your favorite things, minimize germs around your home or office by eliminating the problem before it starts!