Back-to-School Insurance Tips

Aug 2, 2019 2 min read

As summer winds down and you think about your back-to-school to-do list, think about looking at more than school supplies this summer. You may want to think about these insurance considerations this fall.

Back-to-School Insurance Tips for College Students

When you have students away from home, you still want to protect them. Your insurance agent can answer questions about coverage for your college student. Even if they aren’t living under your roof, your homeowners policy may still extend to the property in their dorm rooms from theft or damage. If your son or daughter is living off-campus, you can encourage them to purchase renters insurance, an affordable way to protect their belongings (even on a college-student budget).

If your student is on your auto policy, talk to your agent to be sure your coverage meets your changing needs. If your student won’t be taking a vehicle to school and only driving when they are home during breaks, you may be able to save on auto insurance. If they are taking a car to school, contact your agent: They will want to note where the school is located. Talk to your son or daughter about lending their car out while away at school – there may be special coverage considerations to think about.

Back-to-School Insurance Tips for High School Students

Young and inexperienced drivers need to be reminded to slow down and avoid distractions behind the wheel. Luckily, there are safe driving programs available to help. If you have a young driver, consider enrolling them in the Young Driver Safety Program, designed to reinforce safe driving habits and give students the chance to build skill and confidence behind the wheel. Enrolling in the program could help you save money on your premiums, too: Your son or daughter could qualify for the Safe Young Driver discount upon program completion.

Avoiding distractions is another key lesson for younger drivers. From phone calls and text messages to friends in the back seat, distractions are everywhere. Help your teen driver recognize some of the distractions they may face with our Safe Driving Quiz. You can encourage them to be mindful behind the wheel, and pledge to remain focused while they drive. Down the road, your student may earn a discount on your premium for their safe driving habits.

Back-to-School Insurance Tips for People Without Kids

Just because you don’t have students in school, don’t think you are in the clear. Back-to-school insurance tips apply to everybody. Be extra careful when driving through school zones, near bus stops and at intersections with crossing guards. If you live or work near a school zone, be on the lookout for kids crossing the street outside of marked crosswalks, and parents dropping their kids off. Be sure your auto insurance has liability coverage in case of unexpected fender-benders in congested areas.

With back-to-school season right around the corner, keep safety concerns top-of-mind. Your local Farm Bureau agent can share more back-to-school insurance tips on remaining safe, and help ensure you have protection for every scenario.

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