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2019 Goals for New Empty Nesters

Your flock has flown the nest, now what? With a new year right around the corner, it’s a good time to create or reevaluate your goals as an empty nester. Now that the kids have moved out, you’re probably adjusting to a much quieter house with more time on your hands. You might even want to start thinking about things to do ​as an empty nester.

Without after school activities, homework to help with or extra laundry to do, it’s time to take a look at your own goals and dreams. It probably feels like the years have flown by while you raised your kids and advanced your career. Perhaps you want to go back to school or pick up a new hobby, whatever your interests may be, here are some tips and ideas for new goals and activities.   


You’re probably feeling a mix of emotions — sadness, excitement, pride, worry — as your last kid heads out of the house on their own adventure. It’s a big change — for everyone. Your kids are probably feeling a bit homesick as well. Even though your kids have left home, technology makes it easy to keep in touch through phone calls, emails, texts and video chats (but don’t overdo it, this is their time to learn how to live on their own as well). Start planning your next visit. Holidays and weekend trips are good times to visit your child or plan for his or her trip home.


Raising your kids has been at the forefront of your priorities for many years, but you now have more time to explore your own interests and hobbies. Whether you’d like to pick up a tennis racket, learn to play the piano or pick up a new language, it’s up to you to discover your own empty nester activities. 


You may not be ready yet, but now that you have an empty nest downsizing and decluttering may be on your mind. Take a look around your home and see if there are any items you can donate. Decluttering can help you reset. If you’re thinking you have too much unused space, it may be time to downsize.


Whether traveling to popular U.S. destinations like National Parks or seeing the world are on your bucket list, now’s the time. Take advantage of the extra time and less responsibilities. 


With more free time and a more flexible schedule, spending time helping a local charity may be a great goal to add. If you don’t have a favorite charity to volunteer with, Volunteer Match can help you find an organization to lend your time to.

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