4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Payment

Jan 24, 2024 2 min read

Insuring your car can be an expensive part of your budget. Coverage for your car can potentially cost more than $2,000 a year. The cost of your car insurance can increase if you live in an expensive area, add a new driver to your policy, get involved in an accident or get cited for speeding. 

There are steps you can take to lower your car insurance rates. Here are four to try:

1. Usage-Based Insurance Programs 

If you would like to lower your car insurance, one thing you can do is practice safe driving and track your driving. Usage-based insurance programs like Driveology® offer a car insurance discount for safe driving. When you sign up, you’ll receive a windshield tag that collects information like the routes you are taking and whether you’re speeding, braking hard or using your phone. A linked app gives you a score for the past two weeks and shows you where you engaged in risky behaviors while driving 

You can enroll all drivers on your policy in the program so you can use it to help teen drivers learn good habits behind the wheel. Family members can also compete to see who the top driver is. 

Enrolling in Driveology automatically saves you 10 percent when signing up, and you could soon save up to 50 percent on your car insurance premium by proving you’re a good driver! 

2. Young Driver Safety Program  

Learning to be a good driver takes practice. There can be new challenges around every bend and at every intersection, and knowing how to respond takes miles and years of experience. Farm Bureau’s Young Driver Safety program gives young, inexperienced drivers the chance to build skill and confidence behind the wheel while saving your family money. 

To qualify, drivers aged 25 or younger need to watch an approved driving safety video, log 30 hours of supervised driving, have no recent claims or convictions and commit to safety with a safe driver pledge. Participants receive a safe young driver discount.

3. Bundling 

When you’re thinking about lowering your car insurance payments, your homeowners’ insurance may not come to mind. However, bundling your car insurance with your home insurance in one policy will usually give you a better rate. 

Bundling your policy will give you the convenience of one policy, one premium and, with a Farm Bureau Member’s Choice policy, just one deductible for the possessions you want protected. One deductible means, for example, if a hailstorm damages your roof and your car, you pay only one deductible because they were damaged during the same event.

4. Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!

When reviewing your auto policy, there are car insurance discounts that you or your family members may qualify for:

  • Good Student Discount: You can save money if your child has a good grade point average.
  • Claim-Free Discount: Avoiding accidents and claims can help you earn savings.
  • Continued In-Force Credit: If you keep your policy with Farm Bureau, your loyalty is rewarded.
  • Paid in Full Discount: You can save money by paying your annual vehicle premium up front. 
  • Discounts for Multiple Cars: You can save money if you insure more than one car on your policy.
  • Financial Services Discount: Having a qualifying life insurance or annuity product with Farm Bureau Financial Services can save you money on your car insurance. 

Review Your Auto Insurance Policy

It can be tricky to evaluate your auto insurance policy to see if you’re getting the best possible rate. Connect with your local Farm Bureau agent for a policy review to make sure you’re getting every discount you can.

Easy Ways to Lower Car Insurance

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