4 Farm Security Threats to Watch For

Jun 30, 2020 2 min read

Risk is an inherent aspect of the farming business — from trespassers to weather to uncertain prices. There are also some unsuspecting security threats to your farm, too. For example, with the increased use of internet-connected and precision farming equipment, there’s also an increased risk of cybercrime. Improve the security on your farm by learning about these four unsuspecting threats.

  1. Trespassing

    From joggers to mushroom hunters to dogwalkers, trespassers can cause a risk to your farm. Many unintentionally may cause damage by trampling crops or damaging fences. It is important to post “No Trespassing” signs to inform potential trespassers that this is your property. Another good trespassing deterrent is to ensure your fences and gates are not damaged or broken. This will help warn potential trespassers not to enter your property.

  2. Theft

    It’s likely most thefts on the farm are for fuel and other high-dollar items such as tools, computers, safes, fertilizers and machines. It’s important to keep a farm inventory list of all items you have and to secure valuable items that might tempt intruders. Installing security cameras can help better secure your farm or ranch. Install cameras in multiple locations to ensure you cover your perimeter. Cameras will also help deter criminals. Good lighting can also be a very useful deterrent for trespassers and theft. They’ll be less likely to come onto your property if they can easily be seen. Consider installing flood lights or motion-censored lights around your property to protect yourself from these farm security threats.

  3. Agribusiness Cybercrime

    Agribusinesses are as susceptible to cyber security threats as any other business. Threats around data exposure and unauthorized access should be taken seriously. Be diligent and always on the lookout for things like phishing emails with links that can download malicious content onto your devices. Always ensure that your devices have the most up to date security software and that you back-up your data regularly. If you have a Facebook or social media business page, you’ll want to check all your settings to ensure your page is secure by locking down your admin accounts and securely managing apps, comments, posts and abuse.

  4. Precision Farm Technology Vulnerabilities

    Technologies in precision agriculture rely on remote communication systems. Attacks on these systems can have the same purpose as other cybercrimes — the hope that a cybercriminal can access secure and private data. If breached, your data could be sold or your farming operation could be disrupted. A few ways to manage farm security is by keeping your business operating system separate from personal browsing, limit access with strong passwords and utilize a virtual private network (VPN) for remote access.

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