4 Unexpected Expenses Covered by Residential Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Aug 1, 2022 2 min read

Residential Expenses Infographic

Have you ever been watching your favorite movie or enjoying the air conditioning on a hot day and then a power surge hits and shorts out your tv or air conditioner? So now, not only has your favorite movie or summer cool-down been interrupted, but you also have to purchase a new flat screen or air conditioner.

That’s where Residential Equipment Breakdown (REB) coverage can save the day. It’s a key add-on coverage that protects against mechanical failure or electrical breakdown. Equipment breakdown coverage includes just about everything that uses energy: TV, computer, stereo, air conditioner, furnace, water heater, swimming pool equipment, appliances and other electrical home systems. Here are four examples of how REB can save the day. 


Living Room

Your Air Conditioner Stops Working

The weather outside is getting warmer, and so is your home. Your air conditioning unit has shorted out and can’t be fixed; how are you going to find the couple thousand dollars it’s going to cost to replace it? With REB you could have a new unit and only pay a $500 deductible.  When a replacement is required, this coverage will also pay up to 50% more for a unit that is more efficient, safer or better for the environment.

Maintenance Tip — Schedule a professional tune-up at least once a year.


Swimming pool

Your Pool’s Filtration System Seizes

It’s sunny and hot outside, the perfect pool day. You head outside and instead of your refreshing pool you find a green mess. Now instead of a relaxing pool day, you have to deal with purchasing a new filtration system. Even though your pool is likely outside and not always considered part of your home, the filtration system would be covered with your equipment breakdown coverage.

Maintenance Tip — To reduce the risk of component damage and erosion, regularly monitor, clean and balance the quality of water in your pool.


Riding Lawn Mower

Your Lawn Tractor’s Motor Locks Up  

Your pool isn’t the only outdoor equipment REB could help cover. You’ve got your lawn tractor out and halfway through your yard the motor locks up. You’ll need a new one or get it fixed before the HOA finds out about your yard’s appearance. Not financially ready for that large purchase? Well, even your lawn tractor can be covered with REB. If your lawn tractor’s motor locks up and needs to be replaced, equipment breakdown coverage will help you repair or replace it.

Maintenance Tip — Avoid plowing leaves and debris. It can build up and create excess heat and stress to the engine. Also be sure to regularly clean and service your lawn tractor.



Your Refrigerator Goes Out

One of the more common appliances to be zapped by an electrical surge. If you’re out of town and your refrigerator goes out, you may not know until all your food is spoiled. Then you have to wait to get a repair-person to come out or a new one delivered. So, in addition to helping cover your appliances, REB can provide reimbursement for perishable food — up to $10,000 — resulting from lack of power or refrigeration caused by equipment breakdown. 

There’s a lot going on at your home. You have your furnace, air conditioner, water heater and sump pump… and that could be just one room! Luckily, we can help you get your home back up and running. Contact your Farm Bureau agent today so we can keep your home running!

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