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Residential Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Have you ever had an electric surge in your home cause your expensive flat screen or computer short out simply because it was plugged into the wall at the wrong time? Most traditional homeowners policies don’t have coverage for things like electrical surges. Residential Equipment Breakdown coverage is a key add-on coverage to protect against mechanical failure or electrical breakdown. This special coverage includes just about everything plugged into your wall: TV, computer, stereo, air conditioner, furnace, water heater, appliances and other electrical home systems.

Peace of Mind - For An Affordable Rate

If you have an existing Farm Bureau Member’s Choice policy for your home, you can add equipment breakdown coverage for a few dollars a month. This special coverage helps you protect your investment on expensive electronic equipment. Large or small, your investment is covered.

Perishable Goods

Don’t be stuck holding the bill at the grocery store if your refrigerator or freezer goes out. In addition to covering your appliances, this coverage can provide reimbursement for perishable food – up to $10,000 – resulting from lack of power or refrigeration caused by an equipment breakdown to covered property.

Swift Service

Getting you up and running again is our priority – if something goes wrong, you don’t want to wait weeks for your claim to be processed. We process your claim quickly, so that you can replace your damaged equipment without the wait.

Your local Farm Bureau agent provides unmatched value – Our agents understand that life happens. Your agent can help you get up and running again as quickly as possible when you have a claim.  You can expect personalized service from an agent – something you won’t get from an app.

It’s your future. Let’s protect it.®

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