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5 Apps You Need for Beating Holiday Stress

The holiday season can create a mix of moods. On the one hand, we might enjoy the gift-buying, decorating and get-togethers. On the other hand, all the hullaballoo can enhance feelings of loneliness or depression or create anxiety about social gatherings. Plus, with the ramp-up to the end of the year, the holiday hustle can bolster stress and worry if we have added tasks, events, and travel on our already-full plates. Whether you love the holidays, dread the season or just need the occasional reprieve from chaos, these apps can help you find a sense of calm.


If you’ve ever wished for a life coach you could carry in your pocket, RealifeChange could be the answer. This app’s intuitive journal functionality encourages you to track your experiences, social encounters, decisions and thoughts and allows you to assign hashtags to those things. The app then takes the data you enter and uses it to provide actionable feedback. Learn more about your mood fluctuations, your triggers and the experiences that bring you joy. Over the holiday season and into the new year, you can use RealifeChange to assess your stress and find ways to mitigate it.


Staring at twinkling lights or gazing into a crackling fire might put you into a state of mindfulness, but if you need something more to do the trick, Headspace may have something for you. Guided meditation through this app can help you get to sleep faster, improve your focus if you’re facing crunch time, and help relieve stress and anxiety. The app even has meditation options for kiddos, if they’re feeling squirrely this season. Headspace’s blog also provides helpful tips for getting through tough times and daily stressors.


Yes, you can gamify anxiety and stress relief, goal-setting and mood-boosting. SuperBetter is a game you can play anywhere and anytime to help you form useful habits. (Hello, New Year’s resolutions!) It also helps you build resilience to navigate challenges, both physical and emotional. SuperBetter can help you gain positivity if the holiday season or just the shorter days of winter tend to get you down.


The Pacifica app is a cognitive behavioral therapy tracker that can assist you with questioning or changing any negative thought-patterns or self-sabotaging actions. In addition, it gives you access to a community of like-minded people for added support and guided options for relaxing and easing anxiety. If the holidays bring up tense emotions, Pacifica can help you navigate and even reduce them.


The Calm app is a handy hack for grabbing quick-hits of relaxation on the go or deeper dives when you’ve got time. You can use the guided meditation functions, access calming music, try mindful movement techniques or listen to sleep stories — all to find a sense of peace in your brain and your body. Even the most holiday-happy person can benefit from resting easier or easing aches and pains after all that festive decorating or celebrating.

Find peace and joy this holiday season

With this many apps to help keep your sanity this holiday season, you can find your inner peace and block out all the stressors. From hanging holiday lights to celebrating with friends and family, learn how to practice and maintain mindfulness.