Your Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

Aug 10, 2018 2 min read

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist

When you live life on two wheels, you either spend the summer months riding your bike, or the winter months dreaming of the open road. You love the feel of wind in your face and the rumble of the bike beneath you. Make the most of your riding season by properly prepping your bike before and after the season. We have a seasonal motorcycle maintenance schedule so that you can relax and enjoy the ride!


Spring – If you have had fuel sitting in your motorcycle over the winter months, you will want to drain and replace the fuel. Check your fuel lines for clogs or damage to ensure you won’t have leaks that will cause you to lose fuel during your first few rides.

Fall – Before you store your bike for the season, it’s wise to drain the oil and fuel to avoid condensation problems. Even though you will be excited for your first ride next season, you should avoid storing your bike all winter with a full gas tank.


Spring – If you live in a spot where your bike doesn’t get used during the winter months, you will want to charge your battery and make sure it has power to get you through another riding season. Most automotive supply stores will run a battery test for free or an affordable rate.

Fall – If you know your bike will be sitting idle for the next few months, consider using a trickle-charger to keep the battery relatively charged all winter long.


Spring – Before your first ride of the season, it’s a good idea to check and change your oil, check the levels on your brake fluid, and test your spark plugs. Changing your fluids is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of keeping your bike running smoothly all summer long.

Fall – The fall is an ideal time to clean and maintain your bike before putting it away for the winter. Pay attention when cleaning for potential maintenance issues. If you have brake fluid on your tires, it may indicate a leak in your brake line; if your oil pan is attracting residue and dirt, you might be leaking oil. The idle winter months are a great time to focus on motorcycle maintenance.


Spring – Before your first ride, check your tire pressure. You should make sure your tire pressure is sufficient: not over-inflated (where you are at risk for a blowout), but not under-inflated or losing pressure.

Fall – After a riding season, check the wear patterns on your tires. Make sure you have sufficient tire treads and that you don’t see chording or wear in parts or all of the tire. The end of the season is a great time to remove and change worn tires in anticipation of the next riding season.

Chains and Belts

Spring – Inspect your chain for rust and wear. If it is rusty, clean it off, and oil it after a short ride. Feel for looseness in the chain and tighten if there is too much slack. Check timing belts for cracks and wear and change out if necessary.

Fall – Oil the chain and clear any riding debris before storing for the winter months. Oiling the chain should prevent rust from building up over the off-season.

Living life on two wheels is an adventure! When you spend a little extra time prepping your motorcycle at the beginning and end of the riding season, you can help ensure that you will have several years of exploration ahead of you. And when you have motorcycle coverage from Farm Bureau, you can rest assured that you are covered — no matter where the open road takes you.



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