5 Insurance Discounts You May Be Missing Out On

Sep 1, 2017 1 min read

Insurance can be expensive. But, as a Farm Bureau Financial Services client/member, you may be able to save money on insurance with one of many discounts we offer. Whether you’re insuring your young driver, bundling your homeowners and auto insurance policy, or insuring a good student, we have a discount for you:

1. Driveology®

Are you a safe driver? Then Driveology might be the program for you. This usage-based insurance program tracks your safe driving habits such as avoiding harsh braking or acceleration, and can help you save money on auto insurance, cutting costs by as much as 30 percent!

2. Young Driver Safety Program

Learning to be a good driver takes practice. Our Young Driver Safety Program gives young and inexperienced drivers the chance to build skill and confidence behind the wheel while saving your family money.

3. Bundling

You could receive an insurance discount when you bundle your car insurance with your home insurance at Farm Bureau Financial Services. Plus, you’ll have the convenience of one policy, one premium and one deductible for all your covered possessions. That’s what we call the one deductible advantage.

4. Low Mileage Auto Insurance

Drive less than 7,500 miles a year? You could save up to 20 percent with our low mileage discount program.

5. Good Student Discount

Your smart student can help you save! When your student driver maintains a “B” average or higher, we have a discount for that.

Let us SuperCheck® your world!

We know life changes fast. When you meet with your Farm Bureau agent for a SuperCheck, he or she will go over your current coverage. During the conversation, your agent will paint a picture of the role insurance can play in your world and help you identify potential gaps and available discounts along the way. Find an agent and schedule a SuperCheck today! 

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