5 Myths About Working in Insurance - Debunked

Oct 12, 2020 3 min read

 5 Myths About Working in Insurance - Debunked 

When you graduate college or consider a career change, careers in insurance may not jump off the page.

But your perception may be outdated. Careers in insurance vary widely and provide potential for serious innovation, collaboration and problem solving. If you’ve been believing the following myths, it may be time to take another look.

Myth #1 – Insurance hasn’t changed in 20 years 

Myth #1 – Insurance hasn’t changed in 20 years

The Perception: Admit it – when you think of insurance, you imagine someone in a suit, sitting behind a desk, looking at a computer screen. The screen is full of complex data that seems impossible to understand.

The Reality: While the tech companies of Silicone Valley receive most of the credit for workplace innovation, insurance companies also place high on the list. They are constantly integrating new technologies to keep pace with the changing demands of their consumers. From devices that reward good driving to programs that help clients get life insurance faster, insurance companies are definitely not stuck in the past. In addition, new threats, like cyber-security and identity theft, have created new challenges. Insurance industry professionals are working every day to solve these problems.

 Myth #2 – Tech Degrees Need Not Apply

Myth #2 – Tech Degrees Need Not Apply

The Perception: If you have a programming degree or work as a software designer, you would be bored in the insurance industry.

The Reality: From IT professionals to web developers and drone operators, the insurance industry is leading the way in integrating technology into everyday business processes. Teams are continuously building new solutions to make work more efficient, to enhance the products companies and to improve the overall customer experience. Technology is integrated into just about every facet of an insurance professional’s work life, and companies need people who can share their expertise and provide new ideas. 

Myth #3 – Only Math Geniuses Get Hired

Myth #3 – Only Math Geniuses Get Hired

The Perception: Insurance is filled with number-crunchers who sit at their desk solving complex formulas. There is little human interaction.

The reality: The insurance industry is home to a wide range of careers, from the people-centric Marketing and Customer Service positions, to problem-solver Claims Representatives, to (yes) the number-crunching Actuaries. Insurance companies need a broad spectrum of talent to operate and innovate in 2019 (and beyond.)

 Myth #4 – Insurance Jobs are 9 to 5 Desk Jobs

Myth #4 – Insurance Jobs are “9 to 5” Desk Jobs

The Perception: If you work in insurance, you will sit behind a desk all day, every day.

The Reality: While there are plenty of desk jobs in insurance, companies like Farm Bureau Financial Services employ just as many people out in the field, from Ag Marketing Underwriters who work exclusively with farmers and ranchers, to Claims Representatives who are out reviewing damage when a claim is reported. The bottom line is, there is no “typical” insurance career. Working in the insurance industry can give you the opportunity to connect with people in your community, work with data, explore new sales tactics and more – all while helping people protect what matters most.  

>Myth #5 – I won’t actually help people!

Myth #5 – I won’t actually help people!

The perception: Insurance companies are large, faceless corporations and my work won’t directly help people.

The reality: This myth couldn’t be further from the truth! Whether working in the corporate office, as a field professional or even as an agent, insurance professionals are making a difference in the lives of their friends and neighbors every day. Every policy written is a home, auto, life, business or farm that’s being protected in the face of the unthinkable. Every claim approved helps a family get back to normal. Every call, every question, every actuarial calculation or filing with a regulatory agency is part of what it takes to protect people in the times when they need it most.


Insurance careers truly are at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement. Sound intriguing? Learn more about careers with Farm Bureau, and learn how a career in insurance could transform your career.

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