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When you graduate college or consider a career change, careers in insurance may not jump off the page. Jobs are typically boring, with little variety or advancement opportunity. Right?

If that’s what you think, your perception may be outdated. Careers in insurance vary widely and provide potential for serious innovation, collaboration and problem solving. If you believe one of the following myths, it may be time to take another look.

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Myth #1 – Insurance hasn’t changed in 20 years

The Perception: Admit it – when you think of insurance, you think of someone in a grey suit, sitting behind a desk, looking at their computer screen. Their screen is full of complex data that no one can make sense of. 

The Reality: While the tech companies of Silicone Valley receive most of the credit for workplace innovation, insurance companies could place second on the list. They are integrating new technologies to keep pace with the industry in order to serve customers better. They can test innovative problem-solving strategies, and react to market conditions. New threats, like cyber-security and identity theft, have opened new doors: insurance has paved the way in dealing with today’s problems.

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Myth #2 – Tech Degrees Need Not Apply

The Perception: If you have a programming degree or work as a designer, you would be bored in the insurance industry.

The Reality: From IT professionals to graphic artists, social media experts and drone operators, the insurance industry is leading the way in integrating technology into everyday business processes. They are building best practices, and sharing expertise with professionals in the industries we serve. Technology is integrated into just about every facet of our work life, and companies need people who can share their expertise and provide process improvements.

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Myth #3 – Only Math Geniuses Get Hired

The Perception: Insurance is filled with number-crunchers who sit at their desk solving complex formulas. There is no human interaction.

The reality: The insurance industry is home to a wide range of careers, from the people-centric Marketing and Customer Service positions, to problem-solver Claims Representatives, to (yes) the number-crunching Actuaries and Risk Managers. Insurance careers need a broad spectrum of talent to operate and innovate in 2018 (and beyond.)

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Myth #4 – Insurance Jobs are “9 to 5” Desk Jobs

The Perception: If you work in insurance, you will be a desk-jockey and work in a cube (in the middle of a cube farm).

The Reality: While there are plenty of office jobs in insurance, companies like Farm Bureau Financial Services employ just as many jobs out in the field, from Ag Marketing Underwriters who work exclusively with farmers and ranchers, to Claims Representatives that are out checking damage when a claim is reported. Insurance jobs are not your typical sales jobs – they allow you to make connections throughout your community. Insurance jobs really give you the opportunity to dig in and work with your hands, while helping people protect what matters most.

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Myth #5 – I won’t actually help people!

The perception: Insurance companies are large, faceless corporations that don’t do anything to help the little guy.

The reality: This myth couldn’t be further from the truth! The people who work in insurance are some of the most connected people throughout the community. They know what their neighbors are going through, and work hard to help their community members make sure they have the right levels of coverage in case the worst happens. Whether you need to protect your auto, home, farm and ranch, business, or you need to protect your next generation with life insurance, your agent has the right tools to help. Agents work in conjunction with a wide range of people from all walks of professional backgrounds and capabilities with one central mission: ensuring clients and members are protected.


Insurance careers truly are at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement. Sound intriguing? Learn more about careers with Farm Bureau, and learn how a career in insurance could transform your career.