5 Summer Jobs for College Students with No Experience

Mowing lawns, babysitting, dog walking and working the local ice cream stand have always been good standbys for raking in summer cash, but if you’re looking for something different this season, we’ve got some ideas. These gigs are fun, unique and skill-building. Plus, they may even help launch a future career by giving you REAL experience. What are you waiting for? Use this list of jobs for college students to find work you’ll love while getting real world experience.

Become a national park worker

Maybe you have an interest​ working at a national park after graduation or you simply love the outdoors. Get your feet wet, literally, at a nearby national park. Duties might include building or maintaining hiking trails, cleaning campgrounds, restoring or improving wildlife habitats and educating others.

Launch your own Etsy store

Are you a crafty, artsy type? Go into business for yourself and sell your goods on Etsy. Perhaps you’ve honed some graphic design or woodworking skills at school. Or maybe you know how to knit hats, make jewelry or any other item you can market to the masses. Starting your own business will teach you time management, profit and loss strategies and provide you with an ongoing side hustle when classes start again. In order to use sites like Etsy as a minor, you will need your parents’ permission.

Check with local publications and stations

If you’re interested in writing, social media marketing, advertising, graphic design, illustration or anything else related to publishing, then scour job listings for work at your local newspaper or magazine. You could find a paid internship in your field of choice or land a job as an assistant to someone whose expertise and mentorship will be invaluable. Audio-visual folks should look for camera or teleprompter operating jobs at local TV stations for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into show production.

Work at the zoo

Animal lovers should check with their local zoo and veterinarian clinics for any openings. Zoos routinely hire teens to help with animal feeding and cage cleaning as well as running tours or educating younger visitors. Vet clinics often need assistance with answering phones, delivering specialty foods or medication, supervising animals, cleaning and more. The paw-sibilities are endless!

Get into ​character

Do you live near a theme park or even a theme town? Theme parks are always looking for new staffers to take tickets, wear costumes, wrangle ride lines or operate concession stands or game booths. Theme towns (like preserved pioneer towns or mining communities) need summer help, as well. Sometimes organizations provide room and board along with a stipend in exchange for work. Theme towns also offer the chance to gain acting or theater-work experience if the organization performs reenactments, musicals or plays.