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6 Ways Farm Bureau Promotes Happiness At Work


Have you heard the term, “a case of the Mondays” – like Monday morning is a bad thing? We really think that the people who use that phrase have never worked at Farm Bureau. When you consider what makes you truly happy at work, what comes to mind? Is it the challenging work, the opportunity to build relationships with interesting people, the balance between your work life and your personal life? Whatever it is, we think you’ll find it (and more) here. Take a look:

6 Ways We Promote Happiness at Work

  1. A Wellness Focus

    Between office and family responsibilities, people juggle a lot throughout the day. When life gets busy, often the first thing to fall through the cracks is a steady workout routine. Exercise, though, can boost your mood and instantly improve your energy and focus (and actually improve your sleep at night!)

    At Farm Bureau we get it – we know how tough it can be to make it to spin class when life gets busy. So, in order to help, we’ve moved a full service gym right to our office – complete with fitness coaches, classes, machines, and indoor basketball court and track. Whether you have time for a class before or after work, or work it in during lunch, we want to help you make wellness a priority.

    Another perk? At the home office in West Des Moines, we have doctors on-site Tuesday-Friday from the Iowa Clinic, as well as two nurses on staff and ready to assist. Can’t make it to the doctor with your schedule? We get it – we’re bringing the professionals to you.

  2. Employee Recognition

    Your team puts in a lot of time together, from projects to communication – it’s a team effort! At the end of a long project or initiative, many employees want to be able to recognize the hard work of the people on their team.

    At Farm Bureau, employee recognition is woven into the fabric of everything we do. It’s not just for managers – we encourage all of our team members to recognize one another for the great work they do. And it pays off: team members can earn points for great merchandise, parking privileges and plenty of other bonuses. The best part? Helping your team members know how valuable they are to the team!

  3. The Ability to Help Others

    Many employees are looking for an avenue to give back to the causes that pull their heartstrings. When a company provides avenues to support community outreach activities, it helps employees feel more vested in both the company AND the community. Farm Bureau supports many causes throughout the year, but we also encourage people to share their time and talent by volunteering. We provide Volunteer Time Off, or VTO, so employees can spend time doing what is near and dear to them.

  4. On-Site Childcare

    In two-thirds of married-couple families, both parents work. Many parents struggle to find affordable childcare, and daycare struggles contribute to absenteeism among employees. Farm Bureau recognizes how difficult it can be to strike a work-life balance, especially when employees have young kids at home. We build on-site child care centers in both West Des Moines, IA and Lincoln, NE locations to help ease this burden. (Another bonus? Young mothers have an easier time transitioning back to work after giving birth when they are able to take advantage of one of the nursing rooms available!)

  5. Networking Opportunities

    Building relationships is seen as a crucial stepping stone to career success. Networking is encouraged at every level of the organization at Farm Bureau, and starts the first day of your employment. There are dedicated events that encourage interaction at every level of the organization, helping people build connections.  

  6. Advancement Opportunities

    Most people are looking to grow and expand their career, learning and applying new skills. Farm Bureau works hard to develop employees – from offering continuing education, job shadow opportunities, tuition reimbursement programs and networking events, employee growth is part of the culture. If you want to grow your career, you have the resources to do it at Farm Bureau.


Ask yourself, what can a company do to make you happy and content at work? Employee satisfaction is important at Farm Bureau – we hire the most talented people in the industry, and work hard to make sure they enjoy coming to the office every day. From promoting a healthy work-life balance to providing extra benefits, the grass really is greener here – check out our Career Center for current openings, or join our Talent Network if you’d like to take the first step to join our team.