8 Unique Graduation Gifts a New Graduate Will Love

May 10, 2018 2 min read

Congratulations to the new grad in your life! Whether high school or college, they did it! All their hard work — and your support — has paid off. Now, it’s time to celebrate and honor their big moment in many ways including with the perfect gift.

Starting a new chapter is both exciting and scary. Finding the right gift can be difficult, but these eight unique graduation gift ideas can help a new grad start their new adventure off on the right foot.

8 Gift Ideas for the New Graduate

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Whether he or she will need to block out the noise of a busy library or silence the distractions of a bustling workplace, headphones can help them stay focused and be productive in any environment. A quality pair of headphones may be too pricey for a new grad to purchase on their own, so this gift will definitely be appreciated.


Who doesn’t love a new set of towels or fresh bedding? It may not sound like the most exciting gift, but practicality can go a long way — especially when these items may not make it to the top of their personal shopping list.  

Travel Adapter Kit

Graduation is a popular time to travel abroad. If he or she is planning a trip to a country where power converters will be needed, this may be the perfect gift for him or her.

Tool Kit

You’ve spent years teaching the lesson of always being prepared. A basic tool kit can save a lot of time and effort — from quickly repairing a loose cabinet door to hanging a piece of artwork on the wall — and he or she will be prepared to handle many repairs that comes their way.

Basket of Laundry Essentials

Living on their own comes with freedom, but it also brings more responsibility. This newfound freedom probably means doing their own laundry. Get them started with the laundry essentials: a clothing basket, family-sized detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets. If they’ve never done their own laundry, this gift will show them what they’ll need. And, don’t forget to include a few rolls of quarters for the laundromat. 

Keepsakes — Reminders of Home

If the new grad will be leaving home, a special gift that reminds them of home can make a meaningful gift they’ll cherish for years. Leaving home is both exciting and scary. Many will become homesick at some point, and a homemade quilt or blanket can offer comfort. Even if you’re not crafty, many businesses will make blankets from special materials like old T-shirts. Keepsakes aren’t limited to quilts or blankets; think about what means the most to ​the grad — a framed jersey or family picture might be the perfect gift. 

A Nice Watch

The beauty of buying gifts is having the opportunity to give a gift that someone wouldn’t buy on their own. A nice watch may be a luxury that the new grad wouldn’t normally buy. With more flexible schedules, keeping track of time is even more important. A nice watch not only provides a reliable way to keep time, but it can also provide that small professional touch.

Roadside Emergency Kit

Safety first! No matter the distance the new grad will be from home, having a roadside emergency kit ensures they’ll be prepared in case of car trouble. (And, it will help ease your mind!)

Beyond the Gifts

This is an exciting time in his or her life. They’ll have a lot of new responsibilities to consider. Your local Farm Bureau agent can help ensure they have the proper home/renters, auto coverage and more.  


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