Attention client/members affected by severe weather:
If you have storm damage to report and need assistance, our Claims Team will help make it safe and easy.

Express Claims - First Responders in Insurance

When you think of first responders, you likely think of firefighters, local police and ambulance drivers that arrive first on the scene of an accident. Did you know that your insurance company likely has a version of first responders as well?

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, our team of first responders is the Express Claims team. Rather than visiting the scene, they are the team that picks up the phone when a client/member contacts Farm Bureau to begin a claim. The people on this team have an opportunity to make an enormous impact in the lives of our client/members.

How do they help?

People call their insurance company when something goes wrong in their life; whether they have been in a car accident, have hail damage on their home, or have another type of claim to report. The Express Claims team member can work with the client/member to immediately begin the claims process. They may not be able to resolve the issue with one phone call, but they can begin to restore some semblance of normalcy for the client/member with the steps they take immediately following the phone call.

What can Express Claims do?

The team member that answers the call listens with empathy and works to solve the problem. They discuss the event in depth with the client/member so they can fully understand the situation, and work to resolve the claim – sometimes during the initial phone call from the client/member. The Claims member is empowered to take ownership of the claim and can handle its resolution. If the claim is beyond their scope, they collaborate with the appropriate business unit to work through and resolve the matter.

What experience do they need?

The Express Claims team looks for people that can genuinely show empathy over the phone and connect with people on their worst days. They need to multi-task in a fast-paced environment and have a high-level of critical thinking ability. They are detail-oriented and master communicators.

Though it helps a candidate if they can learn and master concepts quickly. It’s not required for candidates to have insurance experience when they apply, but the team will encourage you to achieve the Associate in General Insurance and Associate in Claims designations.


When someone buys insurance, they are buying a promise. The promise is that when something goes wrong, the coverage will be there when they need it. Express Claims team members help Farm Bureau deliver on that promise. If you’d like to learn more, or are interested in a career with the Express Claims team, check out the opportunities available, or join our Talent Network.