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6 Steps to Adapt Your Home for an Aging Parent

Aging Parent

Aging brings new challenges for everyone, even the most independent and strong willed. As time goes on, you might find yourself caring for elderly parents. If you’ll be caring for an aging parent in your home, you might have to make some modifications to meet his or her needs. Here’s a safety checklist to help you adapt your home to care for an aging parent:

Adapt Your Home for an Aging Parent - A Checklist

1. Main Entrance

  • Repair cracked sidewalks or uneven sidewalks
  • Create a no-rise entry with ramps or install rails on both sides of the stairs.
  • Add motion-sensor lights that focus on your ramp and stairs.
  • Add non-slip flooring in the entryway

2. Bedroom

  • Choose a bedroom that’s close to the bathroom and to shared spaces like the living room and kitchen.
  • Add a lamp to a nightstand that’s within easy reach of the bed.
  • Plug in a nightlight for added safety.  

3. Bathroom

  • Install grab-bars by the toilet and in your bathtub or shower
  • Add a no-slip rubber mat to the bottom of your bathtub or shower
  • Add a padded shower chair or bench

4. Stairs

  • Reinforced handrails should be on each side of the stairway
  • Ensure there’s sufficient lighting.
  • Remove rugs from the top and bottom of stairs or add non-slip backing

5. Living Space

  • Secure extension cords so they are out of the way in high-traffic areas.
  • Add non-slip backing to securely hold rugs and runners in place.
  • Reduce clutter to provide sufficient space to maneuver around the room.

6. Kitchen

  • Place all cooking utensils at waist level for easy access
  • Placing the microwave on the counter rather than over the stove for easy access

We know that your goal is to ensure the highest quality of life possible for your loved one. And it’s important to be aware of your aging parent’s health status, changing needs, and financial situation. Your Farm Bureau agent can help with a financial strategy that provides security and peace of mind. Talk to an agent today.