5 Ways to Help Lower Your Car Insurance

May 20, 2019 1 min read

The cost of insurance varies and is based on different factors. Did you know as a Farm Bureau client/member, there are ways to help lower your car insurance premium? It’s true. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Safe Driving Perks

Do you practice safe driving habits? If you answered “yes”, then you may be able to save through the Driveology® program. With Driveology, you can save based on safe driving behaviors. Upon enrollment in the program, you can receive our Driven to Safety® discount and over time, your safety driving habits could qualify you for additional savings on your car insurance premium with SafeRide Rewards.®  If you have a young driver in your house, he or she could earn the Safe Young Driver Discount by completing our Young Driver Safety Program. As a bonus, your young driver could qualify for the Good Student Discount if your student driver maintains a “B” average or higher.

2. Bundle and Save

Have multiple vehicles? When you insure multiple cars in your household, adding the vehicles to your Farm Bureau Members Choice policy could help you receive lower premium rates on each vehicle.

3. Loyalty Matters

We value our client/members’ loyalty. When client/members choose to renew their Farm Bureau Member’s Choice policies they are rewarded with loyalty credit.

4. Low Mileage Advantages

Do you drive your vehicle 7,500 or less a year? We have a discount for that. One way to lower your car insurance premium is to take advantage of how little you drive. You may qualify to receive a low mileage discount.

5. Higher Deductibles

Typically, if you choose a higher deductible your premium will be lower. It’s important to be sure you’ll have enough saved away to cover your deductible should you have a claim.

Get a SuperCheck®

We understand that your world can change fast. That’s why when you meet with your local Farm Bureau agent for a SuperCheck, you’ll work together to review your current coverage to identify any gaps in coverage and find discounts you could be missing

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