Top 5 Car Gadgets You Need for Your Next Road Trip

Jul 3, 2023 2 min read

There may be no better way to discover our country’s hidden gems, natural beauty and iconic landmarks than by hitting the open road. Whether you’re driving solo for a quick weekend away or packing up the whole family for an epic cross-country adventure, these must-have car accessories will have you wondering why you didn’t get them sooner.

Best Car Accessories for Road Trips

The open road, while fun, has all sorts of challenges. Learn about safety issues and potential problems you may encounter while driving and how these car safety accessories can help ensure a safe and smooth road trip.

Portable Jump Starter

At home, a dead battery is an easy fix — ask a neighbor to jump your car and head to the auto shop for a replacement. But when you’re hitting the open road and heading into more remote areas, a dead car battery can throw your entire itinerary off by hours, if not days.

A portable jump starter can get you back on the road quickly — no second car required. These portable jump starters are generally lightweight, easy to pack and can jump start most vehicles on a single charge.

Dashcam and Blind Spot Mirror

Even the most cautious drivers make mistakes from time to time, especially when dealing with blind spots, distractions and crowded places like parking lots. Getting into an accident when you’re far from home can only make things more stressful.

Increase your visibility with safety gadgets like back-up dashcams and blind-spot mirrors, both of which are easy to install and function as an extra set of eyes on the area around you.

Seat Back Organizer

Snacks, activities, books, tablets — stuff can pile up quickly when you’re driving long distances, and trying to find your kid’s favorite green marker while also operating a vehicle is no doubt a safety hazard.

Keep the space inside your car tidy and organized with a seat back organizer. In addition to keeping all the essentials visible and within reach, each organizer includes a tablet holder for easy backseat movie viewing.

Smartphone Mount

Exploring new areas can be an exciting adventure, but not if you have no idea where you are. If you use your smartphone for navigation, you’ll want to ensure it’s in a place that is easy to see and hear without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel.

Look into a simple phone mount that’s held in place by your car’s CD player and can keep your phone accessible without blocking the view of the road.

Power Inverter

Family road trips can be a magical time of discovery and connection, but even the most angelic kids can get antsy with a dead tablet or phone battery.

Keep everything fully charged and working well with a power inverter, one of the most useful car gadgets in the age of screens. Capable of charging multiple devices at once, they can generally provide two AC outlets and two USB ports and plugs directly into almost any car cigarette lighter. Newer vehicles may be equipped with USB ports that can make it easier to charge electronics. 

Make Sure You’re Protected Everywhere

Whether you’re stranded on the side of the road, broken down halfway across the country or in your own driveway, you’re just one call away from help with Farm Bureau’s 24/7 roadside assistance. If you’re stranded with a flat tire, dead battery or more, call 800-226-6383 and we’ll send help from our trusted professional network.

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