From purchasing your first home and taking family road trips to see National Parks to spending afternoons at the ball field, life’s moments (big or small) are worth celebrating.

Whether life-altering or poignantly ordinary, life’s most memorable moments all have two things in common: they are over in a flash, and you treasure them. So, the question is, are you doing everything you can to protect the people and moments that matter most?

Moments Made Sweeter

You’re remodeling that old house and making it into your forever home – the place where you’ll raise your family and live after you retire. And you dream of one day sending your children off to college at your alma mater – debt free.

But right now you’re cherishing Saturday afternoon football games with your friends, bicycle rides that end at a local pub and playing hours of Frisbee with your dog.

With life insurance, the moments that matter most – big or small – are made sweeter because you have peace of mind knowing that if you weren’t there your loved ones could keep dreaming big. Your dog could still have his favorite treats, your spouse could continue to create a dream home and your children could still attend your alma mater.

Your Passion, Continued

What about your charity work with the local animal shelter or the church in your hometown? By designating a charitable organization as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, you can ensure your passion for the organization continues beyond what might otherwise be possible. 

Life is a series of moments that matter with the people, places and things you love most. Life insurance is about living those moments to their fullest potential. 

Not Convinced?

Sure, protecting those moments is important to you, but on a tight budget how will you afford one more thing? Good news, life insurance doesn’t cost as much as you think. According to the 2019 Insurance Barometer Report, “over half of the population thinks the cost of a term life insurance policy is over three times the actual cost.” To help you get an idea of how much life insurance you may need, check out our Life Insurance Calculator and get an estimate of your needs in less than five minutes. 

Let life insurance take care of the what-ifs for you so you can enjoy those moments, memorable to mundane, that make life worth living. We want to help. Talk with your local Farm Bureau agent to learn more. Your agent will work with you to help make sure you have the right coverage.