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Do I need a SuperCheck?

Your neighbors and friends ask all the time, “What’s new with you?” And whether the answer is something significant or not much at all, it’s important. Life changes before your eyes, and you need your insurance to keep up. A SuperCheck with your Farm Bureau agent can help ensure you have the coverage you need when you need it.

Not sure you need a SuperCheck?  Have a look at some of these common SuperCheck scenarios to help you decide.   

checkmarkSuperCheck Reason #15

Branching Out

You’re thrilled you have those big, old trees in your yard. They shade the house in the summer and look beautiful from the street. Speaking of the street, some of the longer branches reach out into the street over the spot where your neighbor parks his car. If one of those branches were to fall on his car during a storm with high winds, would your insurance cover the damage?

A SuperCheck with your Farm Bureau agent can help you answer the “what if’s” of your insurance coverage.

checkmark SuperCheck Reason #28

Yard Sale

Your spring-cleaning efforts produced quite a pile of unwanted stuff in your garage and now you’re getting ready for a yard sale. You know just how to position your stuff to make it appealing to potential customers, but should one of those potential customers trip on the crack in your driveway, do you know how to protect yourself and them? The answer may be as simple as an umbrella liability policy.

Before selling your 90’s CD collection in the driveway, get a SuperCheck with your Farm Bureau agent to ensure you’re protected from the unexpected. 

checkmark SuperCheck Reason #31

We’ve Added On!

Adding a new room to your home means more space for crafts, kids, entertaining—you name it. It also means you’ve increased the value of your home! Any time the value of your home changes, your insurance coverage may need to do the same – even if you have it insured for “guaranteed replacement value.”

Your Farm Bureau agent can help you understand your coverage and ensure it continues to meet your needs as your life, and the things in it, change. 

checkmark SuperCheck Reason #51

Kids Not “Kids” Anymore?

You purchased your life insurance policy years ago. Your kids were young at the time, so you added the option to cover them as well. Now your kids are grown and you haven’t reviewed that policy in years. Should you still be paying for that children's coverage option?

When you sit down for a SuperCheck with your Farm Bureau agent, he or she will help you ensure your coverage is protecting your life as it is today, and could save you money by removing expired or no-longer necessary coverage options.

checkmark SuperCheck Reason #44

Renting a Car on Vacation?

When ordering or picking up the rental car for your much-anticipated vacation, should you check "yes" or "no" when asked if you'd like insurance? 

Checking "yes" could mean you'll pay an expensive premium for coverage your personal auto policy already provides. But if your personal policy doesn't cover rentals, checking "no" could mean you'll become personally responsible for anything that happens while you're behind the wheel. 

A SuperCheck with your Farm Bureau agent can help you answer the question with confidence. 

checkmark SuperCheck Reason #79

I Kicked the Habit!

You’re proudly telling everyone you’ve been tobacco-free for over a year!  Congratulations! And the best part is, kicking the habit has been as beneficial to your wallet as it has been to your health. Did you know that you may be able to take that benefit even further and reduce your life insurance premiums, too? Your agent can perform a simple SuperCheck of your coverage to find out if you qualify.