All Your Driveology® Questions Answered

Mar 7, 2024 1 min read

Usage-based insurance programs like Driveology® from Farm Bureau that utilize monitoring devices are becoming more popular as they translate to a discount on car insurance rates for safe drivers or drivers who aren’t on the road often. Read on to understand how the program works — and how you can enroll to start saving today.

Farm Bureau Driveology FAQs

What Is Driveology?

Designed to reward drivers with discounts for safe driving trends, Driveology from Farm Bureau is an insurance tag + app pairing that monitors various driving habits and adjusts insurance rates accordingly. 

How Much Money Can I Save With Driveology?

When you enroll your vehicle in Driveology, you instantly earn a 10% discount just for signing up. Savings are recalculated after 91 days of driving in the program. Your driving score along with miles driven and road type correlates with your annual premium savings, so the higher your score, the more you can save. Savings are recalculated each year at your annual renewal.  

How Does Driveology Track My Driving?

Driveology operates using a small telematics device adhered to your windshield just behind the rearview mirror. After signing up through your Farm Bureau agent, you’ll download the Driveology app and install a windshield tag. From there, all you have to do is start driving to see the savings add up. 

What Does Driveology Monitor?

The app maps each of your trips so you can see the route taken and distance traveled. For each trip, you’ll see incidents of driving behaviors like speeding, hard braking and phone use. Your rolling two-week driving score will be shown on your app dashboard and updated in near real time. This personalized driving feedback is a boon for both your safety and your car insurance rates: If you see a lot of speeding or hard braking events and distracted driving, you can adjust your behavior to improve your driving and, potentially, your auto insurance rate. 

Will My Privacy Be Compromised?

No. The Driveology app does not collect data about which apps are in use or the content of any messages or calls. Phone use while driving is tracked using interactions like phone pick-ups or screen tapping.

Can Multiple Family Members on the Same Policy Use Driveology?

Absolutely! In fact, many families opt to make it a competition to see who the safest driver is. All enrolled drivers on your policy are shown on the leaderboard. Rankings are based on overall safe driving, speeding, braking and phone use. The safer you drive, the higher you rank.

Does Driveology Allow Parents to Monitor Teen Driving?

Driveology can help reinforce good driving habits with your teenage drivers. You’ll be able to view their trips taken and track things like their phone usage and speeding, making sure they are driving safely — providing you with invaluable peace of mind.

Find Out How You Can Save With Driveology

Talk to your Farm Bureau agent about how Driveology could help you qualify for an additional discount on your auto insurance premium.

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