From Intern to Employee: Grow Your Career at Farm Bureau


Hands-on experience is a valuable part of a student’s education, and a great way to learn about a career path before graduation. We understand that an internship is a way for a student to get exposure to the field you are looking to join, build communication and networking skills, immerse yourselves in our culture, and (yes) learn the skills you would need to be successful in their chosen field.

In honor of National Intern Day, we sat down with several employees who started out as interns. We asked them what they remembered about their internship experience at Farm Bureau.

Farm Bureau Financial Services (FBFS): You interned with Farm Bureau while you were still in college. What skills did you gain during your internship (that you hadn’t already picked up in the classroom)?

Rhett Gainey (RG): I learned to network with people outside my department. Getting involved in small groups within your business is a great way to build relationships.

Bailey Pease (BP): I learned to multi-task like no other! I also strengthened my teamwork and professionalism [during my internship].

Allison Kacer (AK): I gained a lot from my internship. I was able to work on my networking and relationship building. I had many opportunities to work on my public speaking by hosting a WINs lunch Ted Talk-type of event and speaking at agent academy training meetings. I also learned a lot about insurance (which was very important)!

FBFS: That’s so great to hear! Before graduation, what did you want your career path to look like?

AK: Before graduation, I didn’t have any idea what my career path was going to look like. My goal was to intern for different companies and hopefully find something I was interested in. My internship here definitely helped!

FBFS: How did your internship help you develop your career path?

RG: During my internship, I built a relationship with the Catastrophe Claims Manager, and learned about the position as a CAT Claims Representative and Storm Adjuster. When I was ready to graduate, I reached out to the manager and asked him about the position (that happened to be listed on the Careers site at the time). The manager asked if I would be interested in applying. [After my internship] I felt confident that I knew what the position would be like, and that I could do the job well.

Emelia Otting (EO): I had a similar experience in building relationships. When I interviewed for my position, both interviewers said they recognized me. When I started, I already knew people here. I had already built relationships with the people I would be working with, which made the transition [to full-time employee] easier.

FBFS: How did your internship prepare you for your current position?

RG: During my internship I was responsible for handling my time wisely. Being a Catastrophe Claims Representative, I have a flexible schedule – no two days are alike. I must prioritize the claims by most severe to least severe. During my internship I was handed several things at one time and had to prioritize them by importance.

FBFS: You have obviously graduated and made the decision to work at Farm Bureau full-time. What made you want to apply for a full-time position?

AK: I was lucky enough to have found a place where I fit in with the company culture. When I graduated, my current manager called me and explained the position he had available and it sounded interesting. I decided to take the job because it seemed like a good fit. I knew I was going to learn a lot, not just at the beginning, but I would be learning every day. I also thought moving to Arizona would be fun!

RG: Me too – I honestly loved the people and the culture at Farm Bureau! I really enjoy the flexibility I have in creating my own schedule, too.

BP: My internship experience paved the way for me applying for a full-time position. I love the friendly smiles in the hallways and the positive attitudes everyone has. My family has had a Farm Bureau membership for as long as I can remember, I love the company.

As you can see, an internship with Farm Bureau can be a springboard to your career in insurance. If you are looking for an internship that offers a hands-on, collaborative environment, consider checking out our internship opportunities. Or, if you have already interned with us, consider joining Farm Bureau full-time. Check out the current openings on our Career Center page, or join our Talent Network today.