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From Intern to Employee: Grow Your Career at Farm Bureau

Hands-on experience is a valuable part of a student’s education and a great way to learn about a career path before graduation. Having an internship gives students the opportunity to build communication and networking skills, experience and participate in company culture and learn the skills they will need to be successful in their chosen field.

At Farm Bureau, we are proud that many of our interns transition to full-time after they graduate or rejoin the team a few years down the road. Meet some of our intern turned full-time employees below to hear what their thoughts are regarding life at Farm Bureau.


Paige Mescher

Paige Mescher interned for a semester with Agency Services then joined our Marketing and Communications team after a year spent working for a small business. She wanted to re-join the Farm Bureau team because she enjoyed the collaborative team environment and the friendly company culture.

What did you like about interning at Farm Bureau?

I had a very welcoming team, which was great! They provided me with opportunities to explore my interests. I was able to meet with several different people within the marketing department to better understand the different roles that Farm Bureau offers and what skills were needed to be qualified.

What advice do you have for someone who is wanting to intern/look for full-time employment at Farm Bureau?

Be open to taking a position that doesn’t revolve around your major. I took a chance and interned in Agency Services, which allowed me to learn more about the insurance industry, become more adaptable and learn how to work cross-functionally. After my internship I was able to re-join Farm Bureau on the Marketing and Communications team and brought my new skills with me.


Grace Telling

Grace started her career at Farm Bureau as an Agency Services intern for a semester before transitioning to a Talent Acquisition intern for two semesters. After going through our internship program, Grace joined Farm Bureau full-time as a Senior Field Sales Assistant. Grace wanted to continue her career at Farm Bureau because she enjoyed the people she worked with and the company culture.

What did you like about interning with Farm Bureau?

I enjoyed the opportunities for growth and development. There were a variety of opportunities available, which was a huge aspect when I was looking for job.

Before graduation, what did you want your career path to look like?

I majored in business management and always thought I’d go the marketing route, but I transitioned to HR after working at Farm Bureau and talking with others. I realized your career isn’t a straight path and new opportunities and interests are always presenting themselves.


Kelly Short

Kelly was an Agency Services intern for a year before deciding to transition into a full-time role. Kelly wanted to work full-time at Farm Bureau because she enjoyed how community-oriented Farm Bureau is and saw how the company provides their employees with great benefits.

You Interned with Farm Bureau while you were still in college. What skills did you gain during your internship that you hadn’t already picked up in the classroom?

I gained the confidence to bring my ideas up in a group setting. This ranged from the day-to-day conversations and the forward-thinking larger meetings where I provided ideas. I also learned how to multitask with multiple projects at once.

How did your internship prepare you for your current position?

The team I was on focused on recognizing our different work styles to understand how best to work with each other. This is something I use now in my current role when I communicate with others based on their preferences, such as if they prefer email or a quick call.


Max Philipp

Max worked as a ECT Express Claims intern for a year and wanted to continue his career at Farm Bureau because of how accessible and easy to talk to the upper-level management was throughout his internship.

How did your internship help you develop your career path?

Networking and being able to connect with people. College is more friends-oriented, but in the working world you learn the importance of networking for things like answering questions and for recommendations. FBFS does a good job incorporating interns into their team and you don’t feel left out. I was also provided a mentor, which made it easy to ask questions.

What advice do you have for someone who is wanting to intern/look for full-time employment at Farm Bureau?

Take the time to get to know the people on your team and try to make connections. Secondly, take advantage of the networking opportunities provided and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions will help you stand out and build your relationship with the members on your team and the company.

As you can see, an internship with Farm Bureau can be a springboard to your career in insurance. If you are looking for an internship that offers a hands-on, collaborative environment, consider checking out our internship opportunities. Or, if you have already interned with us, consider joining Farm Bureau full-time. Check out the current openings on our Career Center page, follow our Instagram, or join our Talent Network today!