Home Staging Secrets from the Pros

You work hard to create a home that reflects your style, but the floral wallpaper or bright yellow paint may not appeal to the masses. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, it’s time to look past your personal taste and through a buyer’s eyes. Here are some quick and inexpensive home staging tips you can follow to spruce up your home straight from HGTV designers.

 Make an Inviting First Impression

The best place to start staging a house is from the very beginning. Your front door is often the first thing potential buyers will see, maybe even before a showing. They will often drive by a home to decide if it is worth seeing the inside. A fresh coat of paint on the door with well-manicured bushes or plants can make a home look much more inviting.  Even replacing an old doormat and decor can boost the curb appeal. It is best to keep it clean and simple to appeal to the most buyers.


Clean up and Declutter 

As much as you love all the photos, candles and knickknacks in your house, these can distract a buy from concentrating on the house. It can make the space feel cluttered and smaller than it is. It can also give the impression that the home doesn’t have enough storage. A buyer wants to be able to envision themselves and their belongings in the home so give them the opportunity without getting distracted by your cute baby photos. Take the time to fully declutter and clear out space for potential buyers to see themselves living in it. 

This is also a good time to clean your house thoroughly. Make your bathrooms sparkle, clean those windows and wipe down all your kitchen appliances. If you have pets make sure to clean up any hair or litter and clean up any pet stains. Shampooing the carpets is a good idea too. Unless your carpet is extremely worn or out dated, you probably can avoid replacing it. Buyers often prefer to choose their own new carpet or switch it out for hardwood floors. Let the buyer see your home at its very best, shining like new.

Cleaning the carpet will help your home smell its best too. People never forget smells when they walk in the door. Try to remove odors caused by pets, smoking and cooking. Before your open house, open the windows to let your home air out. You can try to boil cinnamon, bake cookies or change your air fresheners as well. Let the buyer see and smell your home at its very best.

 Treat Your Rooms to a Refresher

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way when you’re trying to sell your house. Repaint common rooms in neutral colors to make them look clean and fresh. Potential buyers love good light in the homes they tour. It gives off a bright and cheery environment. You can accomplish this by taking down drapes, increasing the wattage of your light bulbs and choosing lighter colored paint.

Replacing outdated fixtures can also help give your home a fresh and new feeling. Switching out your overhead fixtures with wall sconces, recessed lighting or pendant lights can give a modern feel to your home. Even little things like getting new light switch covers or vent covers can change the feel of a home.

 Rearrange Your Space

You’ll want to arrange your furniture in a way that creates a smooth traffic flow. Put away any extra, or unwanted furniture, remember, we don’t want it to feel crowded or cluttered. If you want to make your space feel bigger, pull the furniture away from the walls. When people can see the perimeter of the room it creates the illusion of a larger space. 

 Take Care of Repairs

It’s time to do those little repairs you’ve been putting off like fixing the loose handrail or oiling a squeaky door. Having your home in good condition shows buyers that you kept up with the needs of the home. They can even determine a make-or-break when it comes to the final sale. It also eases any nerves about the home having lots of expensive repairs in the near future. Any maintenance you haven’t done, like leaving cracks in the driveway, send red flag to your buyers. It can be hard to swallow the costs of repairs, but it will probably cost less for you to fix it than what buyers will deduct from their offer. Some repairs may even increase the value of your home.

If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, it’s important to stage your home to focus on what potential buyers will want to see. Let them imagine their personality and style in the home. If you are making bigger improvements or are getting ready to move into your new home reach out to your Farm Bureau agent to make sure you are properly covered.