How Can Loss Control Services Help My Farm?

Jun 6, 2023 2 min read

No matter the type of farm or ranch you operate, implementing safe practices to protect yourself, your employees and prevent loss is crucial to your success. Farm Bureau’s Loss Control Services may be a good additional resource for you. 

What Is Loss Control in Insurance?

Loss Control Services can help you protect your business by identifying and evaluating risks in your operation and offering solutions to minimize those risks. Our Loss Control Department offers a full array of services to provide you with ideas for your operation – all at no additional cost. 

Common Hazards in the Agricultural Industry

Farmers and ranchers are no strangers to hazards. Machinery accidents, part failures and unexpected problems often arise. Loss Control Services can help you minimize the risks in agriculture and help you be prepared. 

5 Ways Loss Control Services Can Benefit Your Farm

As a farmer or rancher, the success of your operation is a top priority. Looking for ways to make small improvements can help your overall profitability. Here are five ways Loss Control Services can benefit your farm. 

  1. Risk Assessment

When it comes to risk assessment, it can be difficult to always see the gaps. At your request, a Farm Bureau Loss Control professional can conduct an onsite visit to help you evaluate the safety of your operation and develop protocols to help prevent injuries on farm. Following that assessment, you are provided with a detailed report featuring recommendations and steps for implementation. 

  1. Prevention Strategies

From the risk assessment report, there may be preventative measures you can implement on your farm to minimize loss. Updating tools or equipment and improvements to processes to enhance safety may be on the table. When you work with Farm Bureau’s Loss Control Team, you’ll gain access to a resource library full of educational materials on safety for your operation. 

  1. Safety Training

Having safety as a top priority on your farm or ranch can help keep you and your employees or loved ones safe. Making safety a part of your farm’s culture can help make it feel like a natural part of your operation. The more you talk about safe practices, the more awareness it can bring to those working with you. Creating emergency action plans, knowing how to safely handle chemicals and operating machinery correctly are examples of training to help minimize loss.  

  1. Insurance Support

Being prepared for the unexpected as a farmer or rancher is good, but accidents do happen. Be sure your farm or ranch is protected. Consider completing a farm insurance review annually to give you peace of mind that you have the proper coverage in place. While you work with your agent during your annual SuperCheck*, ask about how you can grow your operations safety culture.  

  1. Claims Support

Reducing risk on your farm or ranch can be challenging, but Farm Bureau’s Loss Control Team is here to help and provide suggestions. These professionals are available to answer questions on your terms. You can email or call toll free (855) 266-2345, option 6 to be connected. If the unexpected happens, you can confidently navigate the claims process and get the most out of your insurance policy. After you experience a claim, and the dust settles, you can find peace in knowing that Loss Control Specialists are consistently monitoring claims trends and industry leading technology to aid in the mitigation. They can provide you with timely tools to aid in future events.

Enhancing the safety of your operation can protect your employees and customers from harm, support the profitability of your business and keep your insurance costs down. Contact your local Farm Bureau agent if you are interested in a customized loss control services program that is right for you.

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