Moving? Here's Who to Notify of Change of Address

Moving is definitely a time-consuming process, but the work’s not over just because you’re finally under a fresh roof. Use this checklist of who to notify when you move.

You’ve got the keys and collapsed your last moving box. All you need to do now is unpack, right? Not necessarily. Though the hard part is over, you still need to complete your address changes when moving.

Here's a change-of-address checklist.


If you’d like the postal service to forward your mail to the new homestead, you can change your address at the nearest post office with Form 3575, calling 1-800-ASK-USPS, or better yet, online. The Official USPS Change of Address costs $1 on a credit card, and your mail is sent piece by piece to the new place.


Make sure your employer knows that you’ve moved. They’ll need to update their records for payroll purposes and to send out your tax information at the end of the year.


You can update the address on your driver's license, ID card, registration and vehicle title by visiting the DMV. But we know you’d probably rather skip that trip. Good news: You can update most things online (though some states require you still visit your local DMV office). Depending on your state, you have anywhere from 10 to 30 days to change the address on your driver’s license. Visit to check your state’s specifications.


You’ll need to ensure you’ve updated your billing address with your bank and credit card providers. You can most likely do this online by updating your profile details on their websites. Make sure you have all your accounts covered, including loan institutions, any retirement plans and even PayPal.


All of your insurance providers are going to need your new address for new identification cards, updated policies or premiums, and important communiqué. Be sure that includes telling your health insurance provider or, renters or homeowners insurance, plus car, life, and any other general insurance plans you have.

Voter Registration Card

The process to update your current voter information varies based on your new state. Some state allows you to update your voter registration online, otherwise you’ll have to mail in your updates or visit your County Recorder’s office.

Online Shopping Favorites

So many of our household purchases and gift shopping are done online. Since the checking out process is so swift, it’s easy to confirm your purchase with your old address attached, clicking your new shoes straight to your old doorstep. Be sure to update your profile’s address information with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and your favorite stores’ websites.