Paws on the Ground: Farm Bureau’s Crisis Response Canines

Sep 27, 2022 2 min read

Did you know that Farm Bureau Financial Services has a few four-legged volunteer employees? Our Crisis Therapy Dog Program was introduced in 2018 and continues to grow. In the aftermath of tornadoes and other severe weather disasters, our crisis response canines and members of our Catastrophe Response Team (CAT Team), are ready at a moment’s notice. While the CAT Team gets to work assessing property and processing claims, the response canines focus on providing emotional support. Our therapy dogs provide comfort and soothe client/members – especially kids – after a natural disaster strikes.​​

Meet Our Crisis Therapy Dog Teams

Rosio and Luna, South Dakota


Rosio and Luna are based in Sioux Falls, SD. Rosio serves as the South Dakota Business Center Director and has been with Farm Bureau for 11 years. Luna is a 1.5 year old English White Labrador who was born in Manhattan, KS. Luna loves walks, playing fetch, food, treats (especially peanut butter), swimming and long car rides. She is a smart and easy going pup who makes friends (human and canine) everywhere she goes! 

Chief and Tracy, Iowa 

ChiefChief is an 8-year-old rescued Black Labrador Retriever and has been a therapy dog for three years. He has visited high schools and colleges to help children and young adults cope with the stress of finals week, and also stops by nursing homes and hospitals for visits. When Chief and Tracy are not doing therapy work, the pair compete in AKC Obedience trials and, most recently, the AKC Rally trials last year. Chief’s lowest finish in the obedience trials so far has been third place - pretty amazing for a couple of rookies. You can also find Chief and Tracy camping and hanging out with family.

Cubbie and Theresa, Iowa

  Cubbie pic

Cubbie is a 12-year-old YorkiePoo and has been a therapy dog for most of his life. Before joining for Farm Bureau’s Crisis Therapy Dog program, Cubbie visited patients at a local hospital even performing in a live dog show for children at the children’s hospital when he was just one year old! He loves to go to his family’s farm to run around and particularly enjoys car rides. When not participating in therapy work, he loves to play with his family’s cats and cuddle up with them in the sun.

Griffey and Stephanie, Minnesota


Stephanie is a Commercial Underwriter based out of our Minnesota office and her dog, Griffey, joined our Crisis Therapy Dog program in 2022. Griffey enjoys going to the library where children can practice reading to him and meeting with the employees and client/members who visit the Minnesota office. When Griffey isn’t on the clock, he enjoys playing with his doggy sister, Goldie, and puppy ice cream treats after a long day at the office.

Bentlee and Daykota, Iowa


Bentlee Rose is a 5-year-old Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix and is our newest member of the Crisis Therapy Dog team. Daykota is an Instructional Designer and has been with Farm Bureau for over 3 years. Bentlee and Daykota volunteer for the ARL TheraPets Program where they visit adult living homes, high schools that are experiencing stress and trauma, and fundraising events. Some of Bentlee’s favorite things to do include playing with bubbles, going for walks, and playing frisbee with Daykota.

All five of these teams will be ready when the time is right to help provide comfort to our client/members. In the meantime to provide comfort and a fun family activity, enjoy these downloadable coloring pages!

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