When searching for a new job, applicants often wish they could hear from current employees on what it’s like to work at the company and department they’re interested in. We sat down with two members of our IT department to hear what they have to say about working in IT at Farm Bureau.

Meet Scott Fielweber

Scott is a Senior Application Developer who has been with Farm Bureau for 23 years. An average day for Scott consists of meetings to determine what changes are going to production and assisting with any questions that may come up in the systems he supports.

Meet Adam Silberstein

Adam is an Application Developer who has been with the company for 2.5 years. Adam started his career at Farm Bureau as an intern and joined the IT department full-time once he graduated.

An average day for Adam starts with a daily stand-up, where his team gets together to review current activities. Together they identify what the priority items are for the day and work in an agile process to complete their projects. Throughout the rest of the day, Adam works on his priority items and attends project meetings and grooming sessions to go over code.

What kind of skills do you need to succeed in your position?

Scott: To become an application developer it’s important to have some experience with the basic programming languages such as Java, Informatica and C#. Coming in with some background in languages like this, and having great communication skills, will set you up for success.

What’s the workplace culture like in your area?

Adam: In IT you’re constantly working with other people. Everyone is very positive and helpful, whether you’re working with someone on your own team or across teams. We have a streamlined process of doing things that makes it easy to identify who to turn to for questions and everyone is willing to help where needed.

How would you describe your work-life balance?

Scott: At Farm Bureau, I have a solid work-life balance. I don’t feel stressed leaving the office after the day and know that my work will still be there tomorrow. This may differ based on the role, but I appreciate that I can leave work worry-free.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to get in IT?

Adam: Make an effort to understand the business-side of things. Come in with a willingness to learn and apply even if you don’t have experience with the tools we use. Companies are willing to teach how to use the systems if you’re willing to learn.

Have career opportunities been provided since you joined Farm Bureau?

Scott: Yes! Throughout my career at Farm Bureau, I’ve had the ability to change positions within IT and improve my skillset by being exposed to a variety of areas. I first started as a programmer on the P&C team and now I’m a senior application developer on the Finance team.

Are there opportunities for you to learn and grow at Farm Bureau?

Adam: Yes! I’m a part of the Emerging Technology Trends group, which brings members of different departments together to discuss what we’re working on. I’m also part of a WINS Power Circle, which allows me to practice my public speaking and meet different people in the company, and a part of Power of 2, which is a mentor-mentee program.


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