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Pet Travel Tips

Are you planning to take your four-legged best friend with you on your next trip? Having your pet with you can be a lot of fun, but it can also add a bit more complexity to your travels. Traveling with a pet involves more than just packing extra food and water. To help prepare and ease possible complications, check out the below tips on learning how to travel with pets.

​Packing for Your Pet

Just like packing your own bags, you want to be sure your furry best friend has everything he or she will need while away from home. Bring the essentials – food, collapsible water bowl, vaccination records, collar and leash, waste bags, tags, crate, treats, medications, etc. Having familiar items like a favorite toy or blanket may help your pet feel more comfortable in a new place.

Flying with Pets

Flying with pets can be a bit tricky. Airline policies when it comes to bringing your furry friend with you may vary by carrier. Be sure to do your research on rules for pet travel before you book your trip. Your airline may have specific requirements for crates, and breeds of dogs and cats eligible for flying.  If your pet isn’t small enough to take with you in the cabin of the plane, then your four-legged friend will have to fly as cargo. Not all airlines allow pets to fly as cargo and only allow in-cabin flights for small dogs and cats. 

Taking Your Pet on the Road

If you’re planning to make a long road trip with your pet, go on a few shorter “test” drives to help get your furry friend comfortable riding in the car. Be sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccines and flea treatments before you hit the road. A pet harness is a great idea to help keep you and him or her safe. As you map out your journey, factor in time and places to make pit stops to allow your pet to stretch his or her legs.

Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you’re staying in a hotel you’ll want to be sure it’s pet friendly. Research requirements like breed, size/weight, etc. The hotel may require a pet deposit. You don’t want to get to check in to find out pets aren’t allowed. 

Traveling can have its hiccups. Take steps now to help ensure your trip goes smoothly for you and your furry best friend.