Should You Get Watercraft Insurance for Your Jet Ski?

Apr 21, 2023 1 min read

What to Know About Personal Watercraft (PWC) Insurance

When you think of summer, you might picture warm, sunny days and many opportunities for fun on the water with friends and family. Priceless memories to be made! And while safety measures like life jackets are obvious, insurance for your summer activities may not be as top of mind. As the owner of any type of watercraft, putting the proper protection in place could make a big difference when the unexpected happens.


What Is Personal Watercraft Insurance?

Personal Watercraft (PWC) Insurance is an optional coverage that can be added to your policy to protect you and your smaller watercrafts, like jet skis and wave runners.


What Does PWC Insurance Cover?

When added to your policy, PWC includes liability coverage and physical damage coverage. The liability coverage is for bodily injury or property damage of others when you are responsible for a covered accident. Physical damage insurance covers damage to your watercraft, regardless of liability, following a collision, theft, or hail damage incident. Having this insurance means in the event you collided with another watercraft, you would have coverage for yourself and your liability to others.


Do I Need Jet Ski Insurance?

While there are no federal or state laws requiring Personal Watercraft Insurance, this coverage is highly recommended if you own a personal watercraft. It’s impossible to predict when the unexpected might happen. In addition to accidents, things like damage from a severe weather event and theft are risks that are difficult to anticipate and reasons you need protection in place for you and your watercraft. In the event of a covered loss, you may find yourself thankful you planned ahead of time so you can repair or replace your jet ski without footing the entire bill.


Is My Jet Ski Covered Under a Boat Insurance Policy?

While some carriers may place boats and jet skis on a separate policy from cars and trucks, a Farm Bureau Member’s Choice policy allows you to include watercrafts on an auto policy. As a policy holder, this simplifies your coverage, keeping all of your vehicles, boats and jet skis in one place.


Peace of Mind on the Water

Jet skis aren’t inexpensive, and neither are repairs, this is an asset that should be protected. Talk to your local Farm Bureau agent today to learn more about PWC Insurance.

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