Summer Insurance Tips: Do You Need Coverage for These Activities?

Jul 7, 2022 2 min read

School’s out and your family’s itching to take advantage of the free time and never-ending sunshine. But before you dive into the pool or head to the airport, it’s important to review your insurance coverage. We’ve outlined five types of insurance you will want to consider before embarking on your summer adventures.

Insurance Coverage for Your Summer Vacation

Are you finally cashing in on that European trip? Don’t let a mishap — at home or abroad — ruin your vacation. Of course, travel insurance can be a smart investment, depending on your current coverage. Your homeowners insurance could cover lost luggage, for example, even if it happened overseas. Discuss how your health, property and vehicle insurance may or may not continue on vacation with your Farm Bureau agent. (Bonus: Your credit card company may offer coverage, too.)

Before you hit the packing stage, you should take some time to review your homeowners or renters insurance policy with your agent. Has it been awhile since you last updated your home inventory? Set aside an afternoon to document any new purchases since your last update. Be sure to email the updates to your agent so your policy is accurate before you head out of town.

Insurance Tips for Summer Boating Plans

Currently only Utah and Arkansas legally require some type of boat insurance coverage. Other states may require insurance for boats used in state parks or kept in state-operated marinas. To determine if you need boat insurance, check with your state marine board or alternative governing agency. Even if not legally required, your bank or marina may place insurance requirements on your boat.

Liability insurance is the minimum standard required by most states and marinas. This coverage provides protection if you are responsible for causing injury to someone else or for causing damage to another person’s boat or other property. You may want to also consider purchasing coverage for physical damage to your boat.

Insurance Coverage for Your Backyard Pool

If swimming in the backyard is in your summer plans, check with your agent to ensure your pool is covered. Your pool could be included in your homeowners insurance under “other structures” or something similar, but you may want to talk with your insurance agent about the amount of coverage available.

Your insurance company will probably ask about your summer safety precautions. Things like a fence around the pool, a safety cover and other safety equipment will help them feel more comfortable with the risk. Your agent may also recommend an umbrella policy, which provides an extra layer of liability protection. It can cover over your other policies as well.

If you are looking to teach swimming lessons at your home, discuss this with your agent. Some companies may not be comfortable with it. You may need business liability coverage to offer protection for your business pursuit.

Personal Property Coverage for Your Bike

Before you head out on your morning bicycle ride, check if you’re covered by your homeowners insurance? Your agent can explain how your current insurance coverage handles bikes. It may be covered under your personal property, but each company can be different. Also, ask your agent what your bike is covered for — it might not be covered as broadly as other personal property. You may also be able to schedule a bike on your policy to offer more coverage. There are also companies that offer bike-specific insurance that you could explore for an additional monthly expense.

Liability Insurance for Backyard Celebrations

Do you plan to host your son’s wedding in your newly landscaped backyard? Or maybe you throw the neighborhood’s go-to Fourth of July party? Your homeowners insurance may cover the costs if a guest slips and becomes injured — and it’s found to be your fault as the host. However, you’ll likely want added protection for large groups, especially when alcohol is involved. Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage to ease your worries about costly accidents. You might also look into special event insurance that can cover equipment rental, cancelation protection and even alcohol-related accidents.

Safe Fun in the Sun All Summer Long

Whether you’re boating, swimming or biking this summer, reach out to your Farm Bureau agent to make sure you are covered.

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