Ready for Harvest Season? 3 Coverages to Consider.

Jul 15, 2022 1 min read

Harvest on the farm is a critical time for your operation and your business. There are likely more workers on your land and machines running long hours. Harvest season is deadline driven and every day is crucial to meeting your bottom line. It’s important to think ahead, be prepared and know you’re protected. While you likely have your standard property and liability coverages in place, there may be some valuable add-on coverages that that are worth considering year-round, but especially during harvest season.

Ag Workers’ Compensation

The most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that over the course of one year, there were 17,390 nonfatal injuries in the U.S. agricultural industry. Accidents happen and when you’re in the thick of it with harvest, the last thing you need is to lose a helping hand to injury. Farm Bureau Ag Workers’ Compensation offers protection for you and your laborers and there is no fault required. If someone is injured in the course and scope of employment, they will be covered. After a claim is filed, the benefits start immediately, are very broad and can run through the course of an employee’s lifetime. Lastly, there is no limit. The extent of this benefit is determined by what is necessary and related to the loss.

Extra Expense Coverage

When the unexpected happens and you have to file a claim, don’t put harvest on hold while you wait on repairs. Extra Expense Coverage with Farm Bureau offers up to $25,000 to keep your operation running while your claim is processing. This add-on coverage can provide rental equipment or outside workers to keep your farm operation up and running while Farm Bureau works to process your covered farm/ranch claim.

Replacement Cost Coverage for Farm Machinery

Equipment has a way of calling it quits when it’s least convenient for you. To get ready for harvest, make sure you have the proper coverage for your farm machinery. When you select Replacement Cost Coverage, Farm Bureau won’t deduct for depreciation when your equipment is eight years old or newer, meaning your payout will reflect today’s prices. This coverage is competitive as many other companies won’t cover machinery that is more than five years old.

For example, if a 2016 combine tractor catches fire and is deemed a total loss, you could get a new 2022 model with this coverage under Farm Bureau.

Protect Your Operation

During harvest season, there is more happening and simply a higher risk of accidents occurring. At Farm Bureau we understand the unique needs of farmers and we want to help you think about the coverages that you may not have but need as a business owner in agriculture. Reach out to your local Farm Bureau agent today to talk through these coverages and more as you prepare for harvest!

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