Your car is packed, your playlist is created, sunglasses are on -- you're obviously ready for your road trip. Test your knowledge on all things road trip related before you venture out!

Do You Know Your Road Trip Trivia?

1. “Press and hold the button for 3 to 5 seconds.” What do these instructions help drivers do in most vehicles? 
A. Change the clock 
B. Set a radio station favorite 
C. Turn on the hazards
D. Reset the volume controls 

2. If your little sibling punches you in the shoulder and yells, "Punchbuggy!" What type of car did you likely just pass?
A. Fiat
B. Mini-Cooper
C. Minivan
D. VW Bug

3. What does that little arrow near your gas light indicate?
Whichever side of your car’s dashboard where your fuel gauge is located
B. The gas tank is always on the right 
C. Which side your gas tank is on
D. Whichever side of 
the steering wheel where your gas lever is located 

4. How should you play it safe if a deer crosses in front of you? 
A. Swerve to try and avoid hitting the deer
B. Don't swerve! Lock the brakes, hit your horn and, if you're able, duck low behind the dashboard 
C. Hit the brakes and pull to the right side of the road 
D. Close your eyes and full speed ahead 

5. What's a car with one headlight out commonly known as? 
A. Padiddle
B. Diddle
C. Padoodle 
D. Doodle

6. How many parts does the average car have? 
A. 1,200
B. 75,000
C. 50,000
D. 30,000

7. How many hours does the average American spend stuck in traffic a year? 
A. 72 hours 
B. 24 hours 
C. 38 hours 
D. 15 hours 

8. What is the longest road in the United States? 
A. US 2: Houston, ME to Bonners Ferry, ID 
B. US 20: Boston, MA to Newport, OR 
C. US 10: Detroit, MI to Seattle, WA 
D. US 40: Wilmington, DE to San Fransisco, CA 

9. What is the official name of the Interstate System? 
A. Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways 
B. The National Highway System of the United States 
C. Dwight D. Eisenhower National Interstate System 
D. The Eisenhower System of the United States 

10. How many miles does the average American drive annually? 
A. 8, 654
B. 15, 326
C. 10, 801 
D. 13,476


1:B; 2:D; 3:C; 4:B; 5:A; 6:D; 7:C; 8:B; 9:A; 10:D

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