Storm Claims FAQ

Our agents and claims adjusters are here to help your claim go as smoothly as possible. We hope this page answers any questions you may have.

Questions about Storm Claims FAQ?

Please contact your claims representative.

Clearer Skies Ahead

When your home, vehicle or property is damaged or destroyed by a storm, the last thing you want to worry about is your insurance claim.

We hope this information answers any questions you may have, and helps you rest assured that your claim is a priority to us. If the following still leaves you with questions, please refer to the contact information at the bottom of this page. This information can also be found on your estimate.

What if I can’t live in my home?

If your policy covers Additional Living Expenses, and if your home is uninhabitable from a covered loss, we’ll reimburse you for reasonable increased costs needed to maintain your normal standard of living. These expenses might include hotel bills, restaurant meals, etc. Please check your policy or speak with a Farm Bureau agent for details on what expenses are covered.

What if my vehicle isn’t drivable?

If your policy provides rental reimbursement coverage, we’ll set up a rental vehicle while your claim is evaluated, and vehicle repairs or replacement are finalized. Payment is subject to the limits of your policy, or the reasonable amount of time to get repairs completed or a replacement in place to minimize the rental expenses.

When will someone inspect my damages?

A representative will contact you to determine if an inspection is needed or if your loss can be settled by phone. If an inspection is needed, we'll work with you to arrange a visit. If the damage was caused by a large storm event, we’ll make every attempt to get to each affected client/member as quickly as possible, but we try to schedule those who have the most serious damage first.

Can I repair any damage before someone inspects my property?

Your policy requires you to protect your property from sustaining any additional damage from a covered loss. Your policy will pay for reasonable costs you incur to temporarily repair covered property to protect it from additional damage or loss. Save your receipts for any reasonable and necessary temporary or emergency repairs and take photos if possible!

Should I get an estimate from a contractor or body shop?

Unless specifically requested by your claims representative, you don’t need to get an estimate prior to our inspection. Your claims representative will prepare an estimate for the damage covered by your policy and provide you with a copy. When selecting a contractor to complete the repairs, we recommend that you do not sign a contract, agreement, or work order until you review the contractor’s estimate and have an agreement on the scope, price, and timeline for repairs to be completed. Consider checking references, licenses, and obtain referrals from a trusted source prior to choosing a contractor or body shop.  Your contractor may indicate they will handle all the claim details and damages for you and may request you sign forms.  Please review all forms carefully as some forms reassign the complete claim to them including; payments along with other rights and duties you may have.  Should you have questions, please check with your agent or assigned claim representative.    

What if my contractor’s estimate is higher than the claims representative’s?

Our estimates are based on your geographical market rates using similar kind and quality materials. You may provide a copy of the insurance estimate to the contractor so he or she can determine any differences and contact the claims representative if needed. In many instances, we can resolve the differences over the phone with you and your contractor.

Why is there depreciation shown on the estimate?

Your estimate may include depreciation for items and materials being replaced to reflect their current age, wear or market value.

How do I recover my depreciation?

There are many scenarios for this. Please check with your claims representative upon inspection. He or she can walk you through the process and timeline.

Why is my mortgage company or lien holder listed on my payment?

Mortgages and lien holders are often named on your policy, and most require that their name be listed on claim payments to protect their interest in your property. You’ll need to contact them to find out how they handle their endorsement on insurance claim payments. If you’ve recently paid off your loan, notify your agent to have the mortgage company or lien holder removed from your policy.

How does the policy deductible work?

Most policies include deductibles that reflect the part of the covered loss you must pay. You will be responsible to pay the deductible along with the insurance money you have received from us directly to your repair contractor after repairs are completed.

What if I have damage to my personal property?

If your claim involves personal property and your policy provides coverage, make a list of all your damaged items to give to your claims representative. Be sure to include as much detail about the items as you can, including the manufacturer’s name and model number, purchase date or age of each item, price paid, etc. Also indicate whether the item can be repaired. Your claims representative can provide you an inventory form, if needed.

What if additional damage is found during the repair process?

Contact your claims representative immediately so we can determine if your policy provides coverage for these additional damages, and if an additional inspection is warranted. Please be aware repairs made prior to our review may not be covered.

Will my insurance premium increase because of this claim?

Every state has different guidelines for changes in premiums. These guidelines, along with your prior claim history and other policy specific factors, determine if this claim will affect your premiums. Check with your Farm Bureau agent to determine your specific situation.

I’ve filed my claim. Now what?

  • After you report your claim, we’ll send you confirmation we received it, along with your claim number and instructions for things you can address right away. We’ll also reach out to you by phone with the same information.
  • If you have an online account set up with us, you can view your claim information including final estimate and claims representative contact information by logging on to using your name and password. Click on your policy number, then the “View Claim History” link on the left side of the page. If you don’t have an online account, simply click the “Account Registration” link on the home page and follow the instructions.
  • We’ll assign you a representative who will contact you to make arrangements for an inspection or to handle your claim over the phone, depending on certain criteria for your particular loss.
  • When larger storm events occur, we may set up an auto inspection at a company drive-in location to see several vehicles quickly. If this occurs, we’ll contact you to attempt to set up an appointment for your vehicle inspection.
  • The claims representative will evaluate your damages in conjunction with your policy coverage and discuss his or her findings with you, answering any questions you may have.
  • We’ll pay your claim if the loss is covered and the amount of damages exceeds your deductible. We’ll also send you appropriate documents — such as the estimate and further instructions for any other outstanding claim items — and an explanation if payment cannot be made.

Our claims team is here for you!

Please use the information provided by your claims representative. If you are unable to reach him or her, you can call 1-800-357-5732, fax us at 515-453-3786 or email using the information provided below:

You can also reach us by mail at:

Farm Bureau Financial Services PO Box 9168 Des Moines, IA 50306-9168

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