Eliott Milakovich

2400 86th St Unit 20
Urbandale, IA 50322

Meet Eliott

Farm Bureau Agent for 6 years
Hi, I'm Eliott Milakovich. I've been a Farm Bureau agent since 2017. Give me a call today to learn how I can make it easy to protect the things that are most important to you -- your home, family, farm and future. I look forward to showing you how simple insurance can be.
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What Clients are Saying

I like that you took the time to come to our house and meet us. You looked around to make sure we were adequately insured on our outbuilding. The personal touch is very much appreciated!
- Customer March 2020
Eliott is rock solid. He's the model of what you want in a Farm Bureau agent. Informed. Creative. Personable. Responsive. Positive. And he's got a great sense of humor. J
- John N., customer since 2015
I had to utilize my renter insurance due to fire. If all the people I had to deal with fbfs was by far the easiest most pleasant to work with.
- Matthew S., customer since 2019
Eliott has always followed through & ensured any processes went as smooth as possible. Great rates & coverage! No complaints at all.
- Thomas W., customer since 2017
Eliot is amazing to work with. He is thorough and honest. He will make sure you understand all your policies. He is also very responsive and attentive.
- Kelsi Z., customer since 2019
Eliott is an incredible agent. He is knowledgeable, caring and quick to help. In my mind, that's the trifecta!
- Cheryl K., customer since 2017
Eliott did a nice job of taking time to explain multiple times our different options and clarify any unfamiliar terms. Eliott was also very accommodating when it came to meetings times. He was patient and understanding during the process of setting up our insurance policies.
- Customer since 2018
Responded to initial contact timely and with thoroughness. Has always followed up on my questions quickly and anticipated my concerns.
- Customer since 2017
Dedicated to answering questions in a timely manner Bundling discounts are great A sense/feeling of protection is provided, unlike many other insurance providers
- Customer since 2017
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Eliott Milakovich
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