Farm Bureau Member's Choice

Discounts for Homeowners Insurance

Insurance doesn’t need to break the bank to be effective. We work hard to find ways for client/members to save on insurance premiums. These discounts can help.

Farm Bureau Member’s Choice 

Cover your car, home, boat, motorcycle and more. When you bundle multiple coverages with us, we’ll combine them into one policy so you’ll pay one premium and avoid the hassle of multiple policies and payments. We keep insurance simple.®

One Deductible Advantage

Our one deductible advantage means you pay just one deductible for all covered possessions damaged in a single occurrence. So, if heavy winds or lightning damage your home, car and boat, you pay just one deductible for it all.

New Home Discount

When you live in a new home, you may be eligible to save on your home insurance premiums. 

New Roof Discount

When you install a new roof on your home, you may qualify for discounts, based on the roofing you choose. 

Protective Device Discount

Do you shield your home from break-ins with a security device or service? Doing so could save you money on your insurance premiums. 

Continued In-Force Credit 

Longevity matters. That’s why client/members who continue to renew their policies are rewarded with loyalty credit.

Your Farm Bureau agent will do an annual SuperCheck® to make sure your coverage is keeping up with your life – which may include adding coverage enhancements that will make your policy work harder for you, or trimming coverages you no longer need. 

Your Farm Bureau agent can provide unmatched value as your one call for coverage, discounts, claims or service.  

It’s your future. Let’s protect it.®

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