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Personal Property Insurance

Personal property insurance is a way to provide added protection to your most valuable items – things like jewelry, cameras, fine art and other collections. You may have coverage for personal belongings with your homeowners, mobile home, condo or renter’s insurance, but limitations may apply, especially to high-value items. Add an extra layer of protection and ensure everything you own is covered.

Additional Structures

Your homeowners policy may not cover garages and other buildings on your lot or land, but they deserve to be protected. Other property insurance is a way to ensure that all your buildings (and their contents) are covered in the event of a claim.

Swift and Fair Claims

We have built our reputation on our quick and fair claims service, and the ability to process claims payments swiftly. One call (either to your Farm Bureau agent or the Claims team) begins the claims process.

Other Coverages to Consider:

Replacement Cost Coverage

When you choose this coverage, we’ll pay to repair or replace the damage or theft of the item, without regard to depreciation.

Umbrella Insurance

Protect not only what is inside your home, but what happens on your property. Umbrella insurance (also known as additional liability insurance) earns its name by providing an extra layer of protection for legal liability. This coverage picks up when the limits of your homeowners (or auto) insurance is exhausted, and is surprisingly affordable.

Identity Theft Insurance

If your identity hasn’t been compromised in a data breach, you are among the lucky few. Your private identity may have a lot of exposure – and you may not even be aware of it. Protect your identity from theft and restore your good name if your information falls into the wrong hands with this coverage.

Your local Farm Bureau agent provides unmatched value – No matter if are looking to save on premiums, begin a claim, or adjust your coverage, your agent is the one call you need to make. Your agent can offer personalized service and support that algorithms and computer programs just can’t.

It’s your future. Let’s protect it.®

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