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Identity Theft Insurance

Identity Theft Protection

In today’s world, the chances of having your personal identifying information exposed to an identity thief are very high. With criminals targeting everyone from local retailers to social media giants and even credit monitoring bureaus themselves, it can feel like your personal data is no longer personal.

Purchasing Identity Services and Fraud Expense Coverage from your Farm Bureau agent is one of the best ways for you to minimize your risk, monitor your exposure, and manage restoration if you ever fall victim to identity theft. Provided through a relationship with CyberScoutTM this coverage includes a variety of features designed to help you prevent and recover from identity theft.  Visit CyberScout for the latest news about identity theft protection.

Monitor: Identity Credit Monitoring Services

An innovative early warning system monitors your credit report and notifies you by email (or text message) about key changes that may indicate fraud. If monitoring reveals unexplained credit file changes or you suspect fraudulent activity, you have access to a live, on-demand fraud specialist at CyberScout, who can help you prevent or resolve fraud and stop identity thieves.

Prevent: Identity Preventative Services

Proactive fraud specialist assistance locks out identity thieves with a free fraud alert. Experienced fraud specialists act quickly to stop identity thieves in their tracks if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen; your home or mailbox is burglarized; your ATM card PIN or computer passwords are compromised; or you’re the victim of a data breach. Additionally, specialists are on call 24/7 to protect the identity of a deceased spouse, and protect you during life events such as moving, getting married or divorced, or deploying in the military.

Resolve: Identity Theft Resolution Services

Despite thorough precautions, sometimes identity theft or account takeovers still happen. If they do, we’ll be there. You’ll receive complimentary, personalized identity theft resolution from a dedicated fraud expert at CyberScout. Your fraud specialist will guide you through the entire process, step-by-step, handling notifications to credit bureaus, creditors and government agencies, and creating a comprehensive case file to aid law enforcement. You’ll also receive special assistance in case of medical identity theft or child identity theft.

Your local Farm Bureau agent can help you protect more than your home – Something even more valuable than your home – your good name – deserves your protection. Your Farm Bureau agent can help you safeguard your identity. Your agent can offer personalized service and support that algorithms and computer programs just can’t.

It’s your future. Let’s protect it.®

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