5 Fall Wellness Tips to Stay Healthy in Autumn

Aug 29, 2022 1 min read

Cooler temps, fall sports and holidays — the transition from summer to winter is a busy time and keeping up with it all can make healthy living difficult. From tending to your home to keeping up with your busy schedule and taking care of yourself, it’s easy to lose track and fall behind. Keeping yourself healthy with these fall season safety tips ensures you won’t miss out on family gatherings and all of the other social events that fall brings.

  1.  Keep Your Home Safe and Germ-free

    Your home is likely where you spend most of your time. It’s important to keep this space clean and well maintained to avoid accidents and illnesses. Following autumn safety tips can help you manage the risk in your home. With every season comes a list of high-priority home maintenance items that make sense for that time of year — keeping up with these lists every few months makes tending to your home seem less daunting. There are also good habits to get into when it comes to cleaning around the home that will help you avoid fall allergies and things like fire hazards.

  2.  Get Ready for Daylight Savings

    Making sure you’re getting enough rest and sticking to a sleep schedule that allows you enough shut eye at night can have an influence on your overall health. Be aware of things like daylight savings time and other schedule changes that may affect your sleep. Planning in advance can help make these changes feel less drastic, mentally and physically.

  3.  Stay Up to Date on Doctor’s Visits

    Keeping up with your annual physical can help give you peace of mind that you’re healthy going into the cold weather months. This is a good season to get your flu shot, which is generally offered by your doctor or local pharmacies. As the kiddos head back to school, this is also an ideal time to get them in to their pediatrician as well.

  4. Prepare for Unexpected Weather

    Severe weather can hit when you least expect it. As you head into the winter months, it’s wise to prepare your home for damaging weather events. Things like an emergency kit, first aid supplies and a storm safety plan come in handy when a storm hits hard.

  5. Take Time for Yourself

    Leading up to the busy holiday season, it’s difficult to put yourself first. Make your mental health a priority by setting aside time to do the things that bring you peace — that may be things like meditation, getting outside or watching your favorite TV show. Taking time for yourself has proven health benefits like reducing stress and anxiety while increasing self-compassion, according to Mental Health America.

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