How to Apply for Life Insurance Without Leaving Your House

Jul 13, 2020 2 min read

Life can change quickly and for many, that’s an unnerving fact. Putting plans in place today can help ease those nerves. Asking yourself a few critical questions can help ensure you and your family are prepared for the unexpected. If something were to happen to you, would your family be able to pay for the mortgage or keep up with the monthly expenses? Do you have any current or future debt your loved ones could be responsible to cover? Would your kid(s) have the funds to go to college? Could a family business continue to stay in the family? These are tough but necessary questions to ask, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

No one likes to think about these major what-ifs but what you need to know about life insurance is that it can help you enjoy life’s moments and protect your family’s financial future. A death benefit can help cover debts like credit cards or car loans, pay for funeral costs or other final expenses, ensure your family can stay in their home by paying down a mortgage, take care of monthly bills, send a child to college and more. And while the thought of applying for life insurance and going through the application process may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. You can simplify the process by qualifying from the comfort of your home.

Life insurance is an important part of planning for your future and ensuring your loved ones are financially protected. So, what’s stopping you from getting coverage? Whether it’s not having the time to apply or the cost of coverage, we get it. The good news is applying for life insurance may be easier and less expensive than you might think. Depending on the amount of coverage you want and eligibility requirements, you could complete the life insurance requirements from the comfort of your home — and possibly even without an exam.  

Applying for Life Insurance From Home

Curious what getting life insurance from home could look like? We take a closer look.

Step #1: Contact Your Local Farm Bureau Agent

The first thing to do is contact your local Farm Bureau agent about applying for life insurance. He or she will learn a little more about your needs and goals to help you find the best fit for coverage. You have options when it comes to type of life insurance, coverage amounts, cost, payment frequency and more.

Step #2: Set Up an Application Meeting

Once you reach out to an agent, you’ll discuss the application process and either dive right in or set up a time to fill out the life insurance application. This can be done virtually or in an agent’s office. It all depends on what works best for you and your agent.

Step #3: Complete the Exam From Home

Depending on the coverage amount you want and certain application requirements and eligibility, you may be able to skip the exam process or have someone perform the life insurance exam requirements at your home (eligibility will vary).

Once you’ve completed your application requirements, we’ll take it from there. One of our professional team members will evaluate your application, and your agent will contact you once it has been reviewed.

Their Future Is Worth Protecting

And if you think you can’t afford life insurance, you’re not alone. Over half of Americans believe the price of term life insurance is three times more than it actually costs.1 But did you know you may be able to get life insurance for as little as a dollar a day?

Your family’s future is worth protecting, and life insurance can help you gain peace of mind knowing that major “what ifs” are covered. Connect with a Farm Bureau agent and together, you and your agent will discuss the many ways life insurance can add protection throughout all of life’s stages.

1 2019 Insurance Barometer Report


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