5 Ways to Save Big on a Hotel or Airbnb Rental

Apr 19, 2019 2 min read

 Infographic: 5 Ways To Save Big On a Hotel or Airbnd Rental

When it comes to vacations, costs add up quickly. According to a 2019 survey, the average American plans to spend $1,818 on their spring break vacation, and accommodations account for a huge portion of that cost. In fact, Americans spend 10% of their incomes on vacations on average, with a quarter spending more than 15%. There are ways to cut down on these numbers and save on hotels or Airbnb rentals. Before making your reservation, learn how to curb costs with these tips.

Ask for a Lower Rate

Locking in a lower price might be as simple as asking for one. When you’re making a reservation, skip discount booking websites and call the hotel directly. Hotel employees often have more latitude to offer discounts or upgrades.

On Airbnb, click “contact the host” before booking and send a message asking about reduced rates. If you’re traveling off-season, mid-week or attempting a last-minute reservation, it may be possible to snag a lower rate than the one posted. Airbnb hosts may even offer deals for extended rentals or returning guests.

Show Your Loyalty

Charging purchases to a rewards credit card (and paying the balance every month) can put you on a path toward free hotel stays. Many hotel brands offer loyalty programs that come with perks such as free WiFi and late checkout, on top of earning points toward free stays.

Mark Your Calendar

According to the 2018 Kayak Global Hotel Study, the best day to book a hotel for both domestic and international travel is Friday or Saturday. Steer clear of booking at the beginning of the week: Tuesday was the most expensive day to book domestic accommodations, and prices for international accommodation were highest on Monday and Wednesday.

Look for Last Minute Deals

Procrastinators, rejoice! The best time to book a hotel might be last minute. Apps like HotelTonight and One:Night and websites like Late Rooms offer steep savings on late bookings. Kayak reports that delating your booking could shave up to $20 per night from U.S. hotel rates.

Last-minute deals aren’t limited to just hotels. When using Airbnb, ask about discounted rates for upcoming travel. If rooms are open, hosts might be willing to haggle.

Keep Monitoring Prices

The search for a deal on a hotel room or Airbnb rental doesn’t end once you book. Hotels and travel websites often offer “price match guarantees,” meaning if you happen to find lower-advertised prices, the hotel you have booked with may lower your rate. Keep checking rates for the days you’ll be traveling, and call your hotel or host if you spot a better deal.

With a little planning (or willingness to wait until the last minute), it’s possible to land great deals on accommodations for your next trip.

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