What’s better than jumping into a cool, sparkling-clean pool on a hot summer day? Especially when that pool is in your own backyard. A backyard swimming pool is a great place to spend time with friends and family during the warm summer months. While a pool can be a lot of fun, having one also carries some risks and it’s important to ensure you have the proper insurance coverage in place.

Pool Risks

The most obvious risk associated with owning a pool is that someone could drown. It’s important that you have all the right security measures in place, like a fence and cover. Because your insurance company is taking on the financial risk of insuring your pool, it’s likely they’ll have certain safety requirements for any pool that they agree to cover.

If you’re considering purchasing a home with a pool or thinking of adding a pool to your home, review these three ways your pool affects your insurance:

Pool Insurance?

There’s actually no such thing as pool insurance. If you have a swimming pool, you’ll need to contact your home insurance company to find out how to add your swimming pool to your homeowner’s policy. Every insurance company handles this differently. Your insurance company might automatically cover your swimming pool for a certain percentage or you might need to add your swimming pool onto your policy.

Umbrella Policy

Umbrella earns its name because the coverage arches over your vehicle and homeowner’s insurance to provide an extra layer of protection: it starts where vehicle and homeowner’s insurance liability limits stop. So, even if your pool is automatically covered by your existing homeowners policy, it might make sense to add umbrella protection to increase the amount of liability coverage.

Safety Precautions

In the insurance industry, swimming pools are often cited as an example of an “attractive nuisance.” Anything that might attract a child and pose a danger to an unsupervised child can be considered an attractive nuisance. Other examples are trampolines, man-made ponds, and farm equipment. As a homeowner, you’re responsible for taking appropriate safety precautions to protect unsuspecting children from potential danger caused by your pool. Consider taking these safety precautions:

  • Installing a fence around the perimeter of the pool
  • A safety cover
  • Providing accessible safety equipment

A home with a pool can bring lots of wonderful summer fun and memories to last a lifetime! Schedule a SuperCheck with your local Farm Bureau agent today to find out how you can protect what matters most in your world.