Don't settle for your bank's CD rates

Sep 28, 2016 1 min read
Our Annuity Rates are a limited time offer. Don't delay! Lock in a better rate with our New Money 4 fixed annuities! 

You can earn a special one-year 3.0% bonus rate1 on our hottest fixed annuity product. And the benefits don't end there - you can earn 1.6% guaranteed2 interest in years 2-4 of your annuity.

Minimum premium payment required, offer valid for a limited time beginning September 28, 2016. Four year contract required, surrender charges for early termination are as follows: Year 1: 8%; Year 2: 6%; Year 3: 4%; Year 4: 2%. Average 5-year CD yield as of 9/22/2016, published on Bank CDs are FDIC insured, the annuity is not federally insured. The annuity is backed by the claims-paying ability of Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company. 1 Based on the Company’s 9/28/2016 declared interest rate for the New Money 4 (Select IV Fixed Premium Annuity) product. Current interest rates posted above are neither guaranteed nor estimated for the future and premium banding is as follows: Year 1 2.75% ($25,000- 99,999); 3.00% ($100,000+). Years 2-4 1.35 ($25,000-99,999), 1.60% ($100,000+). Credited rates following the initial rate guarantee period are neither guaranteed nor estimated for the future. The Company reserves the right to change the current rate for future purchases without notice at any time for any reason. Contact the company for the current rate. 2 The guarantees expressed here are based on the claims-paying ability of Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company. Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company*/West Des Moines, IA.*Company provider of Farm Bureau Financial Services.

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