How to Boost Curb Appeal on a Budget: 8 Useful Tips

May 15, 2018 2 min read

The look of your home from the curb will either entice prospective buyers to check out the interior or curb their interest altogether. Even if your place isn’t for sale, you may want to try these ideas to refresh your home’s look or spruce up when you’re expecting guests. If you’re keeping an eye on your finances (and you should be!) you’ll love that these are easy to implement without digging deep in your pockets.

Boost Your Curb Appeal: 8 Tips

Tackle yard upkeep

You can achieve instant curb appeal simply by mowing the lawn, edging landscaping, raking leaves, pulling weeds and cleaning gutters. If you’re struggling with what to do first, this is it. Remove any yard debris too, like toppling piles of wood, unused gardening pots or broken patio furniture.

Mend the eyesores

Check around your home for any needed repairs. A lopsided fence, missing shingles, or warped siding can make a great house look just so-so. If you are selling, you’ll need to do these things anyway in order to pass your home inspection.

Pressure wash

A good pressure washing does wonders to remove mildew, cobwebs, pollen and other grime that can sully your home’s appearance. Don’t forget the porch steps, porch pillars, front walk, driveway and any other surface that needs cleaning. Use a gentle setting on wood surfaces to avoid etching.

Grab a paint brush

If any of those areas you’ve just repaired or pressure washed could use a new coat of paint or stain, now’s the time to prep the surface and slather on the color.

Spread fresh mulch

Add fresh wood chips to your landscaping beds to help make them pop. Older mulch can turn dull after several months. A thin layer of new mulch does the trick, and it helps your shrubs and perennials hold moisture.

Put in a perennial bed

Maybe your front yard needs a little color to jazz it up. Visit your local garden center and find native perennials that will grow well in your soil and climate without much upkeep. Decide whether you have a shady or sunny spot, and then select your plants accordingly. Choose cuttings that will grow to varying heights and arrange in the bed with shorter plants in front. Avoid symmetry, and opt for odd numbers of each variety. Think about bloom times, as well. Aim to always have a perennial in bloom during the growing season. Try any of these 2018 landscape trends for a fresh-looking bed.

Plant containers

Containers can spruce up porch tables, flank your doorway, line walking paths, or even add an extra dimension to a perennial garden. If you’re worried about watering, opt for shallow containers mixed with succulents. They can get by on little care, so no green thumb required.

Accessorize your entry

If you have a porch or front stoop, get creative. Buy some outdoor throw pillows for a swing, lounger or chairs. Add an outdoor rug to anchor a seating space. Hang flowing porch curtains to add a bit of whimsy and also function as shade. Put up a decorative knocker. Prospective buyers will definitely use it.

Whether or not you have a green thumb, you can make your landscaping bright and appealing. Contact your Farm Bureau agent to protect your hard work (indoors and out) with the right homeowners insurance.

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