13 Essential Lawn Care Tools for Every Home

Mar 20, 2023 2 min read

Given the amount of maintenance that the inside of a house requires, it can be easy to overlook the exterior. But landscaping adds value to your home, making it an important part of any home upkeep plan. Investing in the right lawn care tools can help you keep your lawn in good shape. Here is the essential lawn tools list that can make DIY landscaping a whole lot easier. 

1. Lawn Mower

Even if you hire someone else to do the cutting, you’ll want this essential lawn tool for an emergency trim before the in-laws visit or in case of a landscaper no-show. No lawn? Check out our list of toolbox essentials.

2. String/Lawn Trimmer

This tool for lawns gets those hard-to-reach spots for your mower, like around tree trunks. But it can also double as an edger - along your driveway or landscaping beds.

3. Leaf Rake

A good rake will be enough to handle your fall duties depending on the size of your lot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a blower-mulcher combo as an extra toy for tackling your chores especially if you have a bigger lawn.

4. Soil Rake

Firmer than a leaf rake, a soil rake will even out your garden or push around your mulch. You can even use this lawn care tool to groom a pea gravel path or drive.

5. Spreader

Buy a small hand-held or a wheeled spreader to distribute grass seed and fertilizer and boost your curb appeal.

6. Snow Shovel

This is a must-have for snowy climates, but make sure to invest in a good quality snow shovel that will make it easier on you during those cold winter months. If you live in warmer regions, you may not have a need for a snow shovel, but it can make a great outdoor dustpan for any outdoor project cleanup.

7.Long-Handled Spade Shovel

This is an essential lawn care tool for moving a shrub, planting a tree or digging a hole for various landscaping needs. 

8. Soil Knife

You might think you need a bucket full of hand-held gardening tools, but this one does a lot of the tricks of the trade. Use it to dig, transplant, design container gardens, weed and get into all the nooks and crannies that other tools just can’t reach.

9. Double Hand Hoe

If you’re investing in go-to gardening tools, the double hand hoe should be on your list. It’s a digger on one side and a hoe on the other, and works for loosening soil when starting flower beds, hacking up large weeds and more.

10. Hand Pruner

These small shears are your workhorse for caring for and shaping your decorative shrubs and flowers. Keep ’em sharp and your yard will shine. 

11. Lopper

Extended handles and larger blades on these shears help you keep your tree branches under control, a must for protecting your home and maintaining curb appeal.

12. Hedge Shear

Your neighbors will thank you for owning a pair of these. Keep this essential lawn care tool around to tame unkempt hedges.

13. Hose

Add a spray nozzle attachment for watering flower and veggie garden beds and invest in a sprinkler if necessary. If nothing else, you can let the kids run through it on a hot day.

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