The Best Mini Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Winter

Jan 8, 2020 2 min read

Winter can feel like it drags on, especially for those who love to keep busy with outdoor home and garden improvement projects. But on the bright side, winter is the perfect time to tackle projects inside your home. Not sure where to begin? Consider these ideas.

7 Weekend Projects to Consider

  1. Draft Check

    Has your energy bill been on the rise this year? Does your home always feel cold, even when the heater is on? To make sure you’re keeping energy costs low this winter, inspect your windows and exterior doors for drafts. Add weather stripping where needed. The U.S. Department of Energy offers several solutions.

  2. Caulking

    The indoor humidity during warmer months can make caulking a tricky job. The drier conditions of the winter season combined with indoor heat, however, can aid the application and drying processes, making this the perfect winter home improvement idea to add to your list. Check the caulking throughout your home for peeling, lifting, molding, gapping or other issues. Then clean and re-caulk any areas in need of a fix.

  3. Tiling

    Winter is prime time for repairing damaged tiles, updating existing designs or adding a backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom counter. Research the best temperature and humidity conditions for the products you’re using and adjust your thermostat as necessary.

  4. Painting

    If scuffed walls, dingy trim or worn doors have been driving you nuts, now’s the time to pick up the paintbrush. Temperature affects how paint cures. While it’s too cold to paint the exterior of your home during winter, most people keep the inside of their homes at ideal temperatures for painting. The dry winter air also helps the paint dry faster. Prioritize painting among your winter home projects for fresh walls come spring.

  5. Flooring Fixes

    Mark a winter weekend or two on your calendar to replace, refinish or make repairs to your floors as needed. Check carpeting for wear, stains, ripples or other problems. Inspect hardwood for warping, buckling, cracking, extreme gapping, loose planks or damage from moisture or another source.

  6. Deep Cleaning

    Spring isn’t the only season for cleaning. When the winter elements make it difficult to venture outdoors, use the extra time inside to deep-clean your home. Clean the whole house in one marathon session or set aside extra time during your regular winter cleaning schedule to focus deep-cleaning efforts on one room per week.

    Wipe down everything from top to bottom, including crown molding, walls, baseboards, doors, knobs, trim, window frames, window sills, blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures, light switches, outlets, furniture, paintings and other décor. Remove and wash curtains, washable decorative pillow covers, throw blankets and other items. Move furniture to clean hard-to-reach spaces. In bathrooms, scrub stubborn grime or mold from grout.

  7. Odd Jobs
  8. As you’re completing your winter home projects, make a list of any additional needs around the house. Maybe you’ve got a wobbly dining room chair, a closet door that sticks or a slow drain in the half bath. Tackle your list of miscellaneous items in a session or two to lessen trips to the hardware store.

Stay Prepared

By knocking out your indoor to-dos during the winter season, you’re prepared to turn your full attention to outdoor tasks come spring. Another way to stay prepared is by protecting your home with homeowner’s insurance from Farm Bureau. Talk to your Farm Bureau agent to learn more.

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